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AEconversion package for 2 modules

AEconversion package for 2 modules

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AEconversion micro-inverter package for 2 modules The AEconversion micro-inverter is designed... more
Phases: 1
MPP-Tracker: 1
AC power: 0.6 kW
MPP voltage range: 20-50 Volt

AEconversion micro-inverter package for 2 modules

The AEconversion micro-inverter is designed to be used with balcony modules, on Guerilla PV systems or mini-PV plants with a total power 600 watts. The energy gained by the individual module is immediately converted into grid-compliant alternating energy. Consumers can be immediately supplied with the self-generated power. Package includes Wieland mains socket and suitable connection cable (5m) for the standard domestic connection. Thus, safe and fast installation are guaranteed.

Advantages of AEconversion INV 315-50

  • Power up to 300W AC
  • Maximum DC voltage: 50 V
  • Min./max. Start voltage: 20V / 50V
  • MPP range: 24 V – 40 V
  • Maximum DC current: 9.5 A
  • Compatibility with modern high-performance modules without energy loss
  • Complies with the new VDE-4105/2018 standard
  • Grid and plant protection fully integrated
  • Inverter can be integrated behind the module (30 mm in height)
  • Can be attached to the module frame (weight only 0.8 kg) - thanks to the flexible bolted mounting bracket (can be rotated by 90° and 180°, or removed)

Advantages of Wieland flush-mounted mains socket

  • Installation in the wall device socket
  • Automatic, mechanic locking of the RST plug-in connector while plugging
  • Disconnection of the interlock by means of commercially available screwdriver
    Contacts with contact safety on plug and socket part, even in unmated condition
  • IP44

Scope of delivery:

  • 2 x AEconversion INV 315-50 inverters
  • Wieland mains socket
  • 5 m power cable with Wieland RST20 connector
  • Distributor block incl. holder
  • 1 m connection cable from WR to distribution block