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BYD Commercial Package C230
BYD Commercial Package C230
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BYD Commercial Package C230

  • BYD Commercial
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BYD Battery Box Pro Commercial Package - Commercial storage with a capacity of 233 kWh with REFU... more
Battery type: High voltage LFP
Net capacity: 218 kWh
AC power: 88 kW
Schutzklasse: IP20
Warranty: 10 Jahre
Commercial storage type: Peak Shaving, Self-consumption, Time of use

BYD Battery Box Pro Commercial Package - Commercial storage with a capacity of 233 kWh with REFU battery inverter

With this commercial storage package, BYD offers a powerful solution for increasing the own consumption, peak shaving (capping of peak loads) or a combination of both. With a maximum power of 88 kVA and a storage capacity of 233 kWh, power peaks up to 160 minutes can be intercepted. The storage capacity of 233 kWh allows reduction in the annual electricity consumption up to 63,000 kWh, depending on PV production and consumption. 

BYD Battery Box Commercial C230

  • 233 kWh 90% available
  • Lithium iron phosphate
  • 19" industrial rack
  • 777.6V nominal voltage 
  • -10 to + 50° temperature range
  • RS485/CAN bus
  • 2200 x 3200 x 600 mm (height x width x depth) including REFUstore
  • IP20
  • 5-year product warranty and 10-year capacity warranty

REFUstore 88K including connection box

  • 88 kVA power, 3-phase
  • AC connection M10
  • Maximum 98.4% efficiency
  • Without transformer
  • IP54
  • 69 kg inverter 25 kg connection box
  • 2 x Ethernet
  • 2 x RS485
  • Bluetooth for start-up via REFU APP
  • Sunspec Modbus TCP & Modbus RTU
  • Warranty: 3 years + 2 years after registration

REFUcontrol BC-10 EMS control

  • Control for own consumption, peak shaving and time-controlled charging
  • Data logger and web server
  • Visualisation via web browser or APP
  • Live view
  • API for data export
  • User Management
  • No portal fee
  • Measurement via energy meter through transducer measurement up to 400 A (276 kW)

Scope of delivery

  • BYD Commercial Rack
  • BYD Battery Box Pro Commercial C230 with a capacity of 233 kWh
  • REFUstore 88K battery inverter
  • REFUstore connection box for 88K
  • REFUcontrol BC-10 EMS
  • Smart Meter for transducer measurement (transducers are optional!)
  • Memodo commissioning*

*Set-up and installation done by the customer! Forward journey, any overnight stay and start-up are included.