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Solar carport e-port home single

Solar carport e-port home single

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Available from 21.02.2022

Solar carport e-port home single  Is a building permit necessary? Please check the regulations... more

Solar carport e-port home single

 Is a building permit necessary? Please check the regulations of the concerned federal state!

The carport is currently only approved for snow load zones 1 & 2!

The e-port home single from the substructure manufacturer, Mounting Systems promises quick and easy assembly. Due to the flexible design, the carport is customisable and offers space for 10 modules and a car.  The carport can be erected without a soil assessment. The fastening is done mechanically to the concrete. It protects the car and generates electricity at the same time - the perfect 2-in-1 combination for homeowners.

Product benefits

  • 10 year
  • Outdoor application
  • Simple installation
  • Roofing and substructure

Product features of solar carport e-port home single

  • Variable cable routing (cable duct can be attached to each post with up to 3 clamps)
  • Modul dimensions min. 1.70 x 1.0 m
  • Modul dimensions max. 2.12 x 1.17m
  • Dimensions: 4.2 x 6.1 x 2.9 m
  • Angle of inclination: 6°
  • Driveway width: 2.8 m
  • Weight: 650 kg
  • Substructure for solar modules
  • Continuous trapezoidal sheet metal
  • Roof edging
  • Drainage
  • Space for 10 modules
  • Colour: black
  • 24 x rail 1/15 
  • 48 x thin sheet metal screw 
  • 16 x module holders
  • 8 x module holders

Modules or inverters are not included in the delivery.