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E3/DC S10 household power station E AI 12

E3/DC S10 household power station E AI 12

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Available from 20.08.2021

E3/DC S10 household power station E AI 12 - the all-rounder No sales and delivery to... more
Battery type: 48 volt lithium
Net capacity: 10,8 kWh
Phases: 3
Warranty: 10

E3/DC S10 household power station E AI 12 - the all-rounder

No sales and delivery to Switzerland yet.

Certification training from the manufacturer E3/DC is required for start-up!

Household power station - E3/DC - the name says it all. The variable inverter with an AC power of 4 - 12 kW and 2 MPP trackers forms the ideal basis for all applications. Efficient DC coupling makes the best possible use of the powerful lithium-ion battery. The smart control of the entire system can also use other energy sources such as existing inverters, wind turbines or CHPs for charging. Connection to smart home systems, heat pumps and adjustable heating elements is also possible. 

Advantages of E3/DC S10 E AI 12

  • Compact design, all in a single housing
  • Efficient system design through DC coupling
  • Storage retrofittable up to 36.0 kWh (above 18 kWh in external cabinet)
  • External energy generators (inverter, CHP, etc.) can be used for battery charging
  • Simple connection of home automation
  • Preparation for 3-phase backup power system
  • Tried-and-tested E3/DC portal
  • Direct connection of E3/DC Easy Connect Wallbox
  • SG Ready interface integrated

Product features

  • AC power 4 - 12 kW
  • Max. system power up to 15 kWp possible
  • 2 MPP trackers
  • Charge/discharge power of battery: 4.5 kW
  • System contains 2 battery modules
  • Total available capacity: 10.8 kWh
  • Period for retrofitting: max. 1 year after start-up
  • 10 year full system warranty
  • Weight: 225 kg
  • Lid colour: black

DC overvoltage protection type II available as Memodo special article. See accessories below.