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RCT Power Wallbox

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RCT Power wallbox 11 kW
RCT Power wallbox 11 kW Manufacturer: RCT Power Order number: 5673
Power: 11 kilowatt
AC phases: 3
Charging port: Cable
Number of charging points: 1
Access control: Key switch
Surplus charging: Yes
Energy meter: Simple digital reading


The battery storage manufacturer from Lake Constance also offers a solution for electromobility. The RCT Power wallbox comes with 11 or 22 kW charging power and is designed for private use. It makes fast, fully automatic charging of the e-car with solar power child's play. You can integrate the wallbox into an existing photovoltaic and energy storage system. It makes sense to connect it with other devices from the RCT Power world. In addition, your customers will benefit from intelligent load management with this wallbox.