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VARTA pulse neo 3

VARTA pulse neo 3

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Available from 22.10.2021

VARTA pulse neo 3 solar battery - with a 2.97 kWh usable storage capacity plus new functions... more
Battery type: 48 volt lithium NMC
Net capacity: 2,97 kWh
Cycles: 4000
Phases: 1
Warranty: 10 years

VARTA pulse neo 3 solar battery - with a 2.97 kWh usable storage capacity plus new functions

For the guarantee and product registration in the online portal, a VARTA installation number is required. You obtain this by completing the training session from VARTA 

The new generation of VARTA solar batteries "pulse neo" is based on the implementation of the SunSpec protocol. This protocol primarily serves as an interface with other devices and enables the visualisation of energy consumption and the production data. The VARTA pulse neo solar battery regulates the internal communication of up to six additional VARTA solar battery units. The VARTA pulse neo 3 is intended for wall mounting. Due to its  compact dimensions there  is still enough space for everything else in the household and the installation is done via plug-and-play.


Advantages VARTA pulse neo 3

  • Yield optimisation with weather forecast and load forecast
  • Communication with SMA, SolarEdge, Fronius and Kostal
  • Visualisation of production data with SunSpec
  • Dynamic active power limitation
  • Electric charging station control
  • System Performance Index 90.6%
  • Can be combined with all sources of green energy
  • Standby consumption only 2W
  • Max. 6 VARTA solar batteries in a system with VARTA pulse neo as master

Product features

  • Quality made in Germany (in Nördlingen)
  • Installation time of only 30 minutes
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • 2.97 kWh usable
  • 1.6 kW system power
  • 7-year repair guarantee
  • 10 years battery warranty or 4000 cycles
  • Small dimensions of 600 x 690 x 186 mm
  • Only 45 kg weight