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VARTA element 6/S3 update to 9/S3

VARTA element 6/S3 update to 9/S3

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Available from 04.01.2022

VARTA element 6/S3 update to 9/S3 Simple and fast  expansion  for the  S3... more
Battery type: 48 volt lithium
Net capacity: 2,97 kWh
Cycles: 4000
Phases: 1
Warranty: 10

VARTA element 6/S3 update to 9/S3

Simple and fast expansion for the S3 series of the VARTA element energy storage systemThis update also increases system performance to 3.0 kW . 


Advantages VARTA element 3

  • Only 10 minutes installation time
  • Quality "made in Germany"
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Incl. DC/DC converter and connection cable

Product features

  • 8.91 kWh usable
  • 3.0 kW system power 3-phase
  • VARTA Storage App for Android and iOS, web portal and local web server
  • 7-year repair guarantee
  • 10-year battery warranty or 4000 cycles
  • Dimensions of 600 x 1,176 x 500 mm 
  • Only 145 kg in weight

This update comes with everything you need to expand capacity and increase system performance.

With the VARTA element you get a 3-phase storage system for many applications. You can also extend this system up to 11.7 kWh usable energy content. It is also possible to connect up to 5 systems with the VARTA Link.