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neoom BLOKK Light 50/100
neoom BLOKK Light 50/100

neoom BLOKK Light 50/100

  • neoom
  • BL-LIG 1.1
  • 40200500
  • 6641

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Available from 22.08.2022

neoom BLOKK Light with 50 kW output and 99.5 kWh gross capacity The BLOKK from the... more
Battery type: High voltage LFP
Net capacity: 89,6 kWh
AC power: 50 kW
Schutzklasse: IP20
Warranty: 10 years
Commercial storage type: Peak Shaving, Self-consumption, Time of use

neoom BLOKK Light with 50 kW output and 99.5 kWh gross capacity

The BLOKK from the Austrian manufacturer neoom impresses with its innovative energy management system NTUITY, which the BLOKK brings with it as standard. This can be installed quickly and easily and enables innovative control, for example, dynamic (month-to-month) peak load capping or forecast-based energy generation. Further information on NTUITY can be found here.

Product advantages:

  • NTUITY on board
  • Full service availability through cloud connection
  • Ready for connection as it is AC-coupled
  • Complete service concept from the manufacturer

Features of the neoom BLOKK Light:

  • Nominal battery capacity: 99.5 kWh
  • Usable battery capacity: 89.6 kWh
  • Nominal power: 50 kW
  • AC output voltage: 400 V AC 3-phase
  • Cloud connection - full service availability and monitoring
  • Integrated surge and lightning protection
  • Integrated AC protection
  • Weight: 1,600 kg
  • Dimensions 1,800mm x 2,160mm x 800mm (W x H x D)
  • Product guarantee: 5 years (optionally 10 years)
  • Performance guarantee: 10 years