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SMA EV Charger 22, 10 m cable

SMA EV Charger 22, 10 m cable

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Available from 02.02.2022

E-charging with the SMA EV Charger 22 - type 2, 10 m charging cable With the Wallboxes, SMA... more
Power: 22 kilowatt
AC phases: 3
Charging port: Cable
Number of charging points: 1
Access control: No
Surplus charging: Yes
Energy meter: MID compliant meter

E-charging with the SMA EV Charger 22 - type 2, 10 m charging cable

With the Wallboxes, SMA is also expanding into the field of e-mobility. The wallboxes from SMA can be integrated into the entire system environment and are perfectly compatible with the SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0.

The EV Charger 22 is also one of the first wallboxes to offer automatic phase switching from 1-phase to 3-phase charging. This offers the possibility to make ideal use of the surplus energy obtained from your PV system.

Product benefits

  • Compatible with SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0
  • Overcharging with SHM
  • Blackout protection: SHM monitors the maximum power of the house connection and readjusts the wallbox, if necessary
  • Boost function: Boost function: By controlling the unbalanced load limit at the mains connection point, the wallbox can charge in 1-phase with up to 7.4 kW
  • LED status display
  • Communication via Ethernet/ WLAN
  • SMA Smart Connected
  • Automatic phase switching 1/3-phase: This means that your surplus charge already starts at 1.3 kW

Features of SMA EV Charger 22

  • 1/3-phase AC charging up to 22 kW
  • Configuration of charge power from 1.3 to 22 kW
  • DC residual current protection 6 mA integrated
  • Product warranty: 5 years

Delivery includes:

  • EV Charger 22
  • 10 m charging cable, type 2