Tips & tricks before you install a SolarEdge system | Webinar on 30.03.2022
Tips & tricks before you install a SolarEdge system | Webinar on 30.03.2022
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Jolywood 410 W bifacial glass / glass, black
Jolywood 410 W bifacial glass / glass, black
Jolywood 410 W bifacial glass / glass, black
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Jolywood 410 W bifacial glass / glass, black

  • Jolywood
  • JW-HD108N-410W
  • JW-HD108N-410W
  • 7187
  • 36 per pallet
  • 936 per container

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Jolywood 410 W bifacial glass / glass module with an attractive design The... more
Power: 410 Watt
Technology: Mono
Dimensions: 1728 x 1134 x 30 mm
Frame color: Black
Backsheet: Transparent

Jolywood 410 W bifacial glass / glass module with an attractive design

The bifacial halfcut glass / glass solar module in the 410 watt version is built with N-TOPCon cells. The 11 busbar solar cells have a visually appealing design and are therefore ideally suited for installation on the roof. In addition to the high efficiency of 20.92% and the immunity to the light-induced degradation effect (LID), the module is extremely powerful and ideally suited for diffuse sunlight. 

Powerful thanks to N-TOPCon cell technology  

Unlike the P-type, the N-type cell is doped with phosphorus during manufacture. Due to the use of phosphorus, N-type cells are not susceptible to the light-induced degradation effect (LID) and show only minimal signs of wear even after years. 

The patented N-TOPCon technology promises significantly improved diffuse light properties, higher bifaciality, a lower temperature coefficient and less degradation.

Half-cut half-cell technology

With half-cell technology, the cells are divided into two halves. Instead of 60 cells, the modules have 120 cells. A positive effect is the reduction of electrical losses in the cell connector and in the cross connector. This reduces the electrical resistance in the connection and enables higher performance. If the lower module area is shaded, the solar module can still call up to 50% of its output by dividing it into two halves.

Product benefits 

  • 108 monocrystalline half-cells
  • 0 / + 5 W positive power tolerance 
  • No light induced degradation (LID)
  • optimal low light behavior
  • 12 year guarantee on workmanship
  • 30 year linear performance guarantee

Product properties Jolywood 410 W bifacial glass / glass, black

  • Power: 410 watts
  • Efficiency: 20.92%
  • Module frame color: black
  • Dimensions: 1728 x 1134 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 24.5 kg  
  • Original MC4 connector from Stäubli
  • Cable length: 120 cm
  • Glass thickness: 2 mm each
  • Snow load: 5,400 Pa
  • Wind load: 2,400 Pa
  • Performance temperature coefficient: -0.32% / ° C


With its monocrystalline bifacial N-type cells, Jolywood supplies extremely powerful PV modules. With the combination of half-cell and N-Type, Jolywood cleverly uses the advantages of both technologies. The products have a very long lifespan, which is reflected in the long guarantee. The manufacturer gives a linear performance guarantee of 30 years and a product guarantee of 15 years on its product range. Jolywood modules stand for the highest quality, maximum performance and a very high yield.

About Jolywood

Jolywood Ltd. is the world leader in the production of N-type modules and cells and has a module production of 3 GW per year. Jolywood is a Tier 1 manufacturer, which speaks for its strong financial strength. The products are very efficient, show an innovative character and a very good price-performance ratio. The Chinese manufacturer is particularly interesting for commercial projects, as it has a strong and reliable partner for reinsurance at its side in Munich RE . The first multi MW PV open space projects have already been implemented in Germany and Europe.


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