Your energy storage solution 2023: Solis S6 3P-Hybrid inverter + BYD Battery Box Premium HVS/HVM in the package. Pre-order now
Your energy storage solution 2023: Solis + BYD storage package. Pre-order now.
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LG 440 QAC - A6 NeON R
LG 440 QAC - A6 NeON R Manufacturer: LG Electronics Type designation: LG440QAC-A6 Order number: 7135
Power: 440 Watt
Technology: Mono
Dimensions: 1910 x 1042 x 40 mm
Frame color: Black
Backsheet: White


The South Korean manufacturer LG Electronics (LG Solar) has based its new modules on the Cello technology as well as back contacting solar cells, which offers an even higher performance and reliability. The contact-free front gives these modules a timelessly puristic look. From a technical point of view, the efficiency, temperature coefficients and mechanical strength have been improved.