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SolarEdge SE66.6K MC4
SolarEdge SE66.6K MC4
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SolarEdge SE66.6K MC4

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The SolarEdge SE66.6K with innovative pre-commissioning option Three-phase 100 kW SolarEdge... more
Phases: 3
AC power: 66.6 kW
MPP voltage range: 200 - 750 Volt
Warranty: 12 years
Communication: 2 x RS485, Ethernet

The SolarEdge SE66.6K with innovative pre-commissioning option

Three-phase 100 kW SolarEdge inverter with Synergy Technology and connection to the low voltage grid. The inverter design is based on small and easy-to-install primary and secondary units. These can be mounted on the wall in a minimal space, with installation only requiring a two-person crew. The new series of the Synergy units also offers a pre-commissioning option. For EPCs in particular, this enables to steamline individual construction processes.


Product advantages

  • Low assembly and installation costs
  • Lower BoS costs
  • 12-year standard warranty on inverters
  • Integrated SafeDC and arc detection
  • Integrated DC circuit breaker
  • European weighted efficiency: 98%
  • Connections for Ripple Control Receiver
  • Optional: WLAN or mobile phone

Product features  SolarEdge SE66.6K

  • AC nominal power: 66.6 kVA
  • Max. DC power: 100 kWp (under Standard Test Conditions)
  • AC voltage level: low-voltage grid
  • Overvoltage protection: integrated Type II
  • DC connection inverter/ synergy unit: 8/4 MC4 pairs
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Standard warranty of 12 years
  • Dimensions Synergy units: 558 x 328 x 273 mm
  • Weight Synergy Units: 32 kg
  • Number of Synergy Units: 2
  • Dimensions manager unit: 360 x 560 x 295 mm
  • Weight Manager units: 18 kg
  • Number of Manager units: 1


Installation Video Part 1 - Mounting the Synergy Inverter
Installation Video Part 2 - Wiring the Synergy Inverter
Installation Video Part 3 - Pre-commissioning the Synergy Inverter