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SunPower 400W MAXEON 3
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SunPower 400W MAXEON 3

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SunPower MAXEON 3 solar modules with 400 watts Sales and delivery possible only to customers... more
Power: 400 Watt
Technology: Maxeon
Dimensions: 1690 x 1046 x 40 mm
Frame color: Black
Backsheet: White

SunPower MAXEON 3 solar modules with 400 watts

Sales and delivery possible only to customers in Germany and Austria.

When using the high-performance modules MAXEON 3 with 400 watts, less space is required to achieve a certain total output. Attractive look and the very good low-light performance are further plus points. The Maxeon® solar cells are fundamentally different and better. The photovoltaic modules with Maxeon technology do not have grid lines on the front. The cells are equipped with a copper rear panel and are connected with a triple connection. Due to this special production process, the solar modules have a particularly high stability and are less prone to microcracks. 

Maxeon - Cell technology

Modules with Maxeon technology are based on back-contact technology and are additionally reinforced with a rear copper panel. This gives the solar module special strength and makes it less susceptible to micro-cracks. Three so-called "connectors”, each with built-in strain relief, connect the cells to each other. These connectors protect against microcracks caused by temperature fluctuations.

Advantages of SunPower modules

  • Maxeon solar cells based on copper with back-contact technology
  • Cradle to Cradle Silver certified (pending)
  • No PID (potenzial-induced degradation)
  • Good low light behaviour
  • Glass with antireflection coating
  • Low power temperature coefficient 
  • 25-year product and performance warranty

Product features of the MAXEON 3 solar module with 400 watts

  • 400 watts
  • 104 monocrystalline cells
  • 22.6% efficiency
  • Black module frame
  • Dimensions: 1690 x 1046 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 19 kg
  • MC4 connector / socket
  • 6000 Pa snow load / 4000 Pa wind load
  • Power temperature coefficient -0.29% /°C


Advantages of SunPower technology

Why SunPower is the right choice

Module manufacturer SunPower

With over 30 years of product experience, SunPower is one of the pioneering companies in the solar industry and has already proven its quality with projects for NASA or Solar Impulse. SunPower modules are among the most durable and powerful solar modules available. SunPower has been a global leader in the solar industry from 1985 and holds more than 800 patents for solar technology. With a 25-year product and performance warranty, SunPower is the benchmark in warranties, making it the hallmark for reliability and durability.



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