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Who writes here

There are many faces behind Memodo who are committed to changing the way we use energy.

Our team of authors

We want everyone to be able to produce and use their energy independently. And in the way that makes the most sense for the community: Sustainably. Sounds utopian? We believe in it anyway. Because there are people and technologies that bring us a little closer to this goal.

On our blog we write about them and would like to pick you up from where you are: As a professional who wants to find out about current trends in the market. As a company which focuses on the future of photovoltaics and electricity storage. Or as a consumer with questions about renewable energies.

Our authors come from diverse backgrounds, from both inside and outside the Memodo team – from tech nerds to language acrobats with green thumbs. However, we have one thing in common: we want to share with you, what and who helps us here. So that we can tackle the energy transition together.

Alexander Utz

Product manager and Electromobility:Expert

Alex is a product manager and electromobility expert at Memodo. He is passionate about the transport revolution, but it is not just the focus of his work. Alex also enjoys searching for new technologies in his free time. With this combination of expert knowledge and passion, he works every day to shape a future characterized by e-mobility and sustainable energy.

Aliza Williams

Product Manager and Module:Expert

Unlike most of our experts, Aliza does not come from the PV industry. She studied industrial engineering and then worked with large equipment in the construction machinery industry. With Memodo, she is now also professionally committed to greater sustainability and climate protection. Aliza supports our product management and ensures that we can offer you the right modules for your job.

Anne Martin

Team Leader Customer Communications

Anne aka "der Blitz" is our copywriter in the marketing team. Her interest in sustainability and the environment drove her to Memodo, where she now enjoys immersing herself in the world of photovoltaics. She always brings a breath of fresh air and a sense of humor with her. Her love of the mountains and winter sports is not the only thing she has in common with Austria. As a customer consultant in an agency, she supported the marketing team of a large Austrian company for over 7 years.

Byron Kacnik

Product manager and E-Mobility:Expert

Byron has already worked at Memodo while completing his Master's degree in Business Management for Renewable Energies and is our expert for sustainable mobility. From the German government's master plan for the expansion of charging infrastructure to wallboxes, he has an eye on developments in the e-mobility sector.

Daniel Schmitt

Founder and Managing Director

Daniel is one of the three heads behind Memodo and responsible for sales and marketing. He was a sales manager in a logistics company for several years until his enthusiasm for sustainable energy made him the founder of the company in 2013. Together with his partners Enrico Brandmeier and Tobias Wenleder, Daniel has since been chasing innovative solutions and future opportunities in the field of photovoltaics and electricity storage.

Fabian Nebel

Product Manager and Heat Energy:Expert

Fabian has a master’s degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship of Renewable Energies and immediately after his studies he campaigned for heating with renewable energies in the “LandSchafftEnergie” project of the Free State of Bavaria. He also likes to rely on the sun as an energy source when planting climate-proof trees in his spare time. At Memodo, Fabian, as product manager, ensures that there is no icy atmosphere in the house.

Julian Seemüller

Marketer and PEAKPLAN:Expert

After studying journalism, Julian moved to Munich specifically to support PEAKPLAN. Here he writes, films and edits lively content that carries our deep blue commercial brand to the outside world. Julian is regularly drawn to Europe's most beautiful soccer stadiums - preferably in the Italian evening sun.

Julius Lenk

Product Manager, Inverter and Heat Energy:Expert

Julius sharpened his knowledge of renewable energies at the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences and focused on managing them holistically. At Memodo, he is responsible for inverters and heat generators providing steam, or better electricity. For him, sustainability works on a small scale and in everyday life as well as on a large scale and in the energy transition.

Leonhard Binder

Product Manager and Module:Expert

Leonhard's PV roots go back a long way: he built his first PV system at the age of 14. After graduating from high school, he went on to study mechatronics and focused on sustainability and renewable energies. Before joining us, he designed systems for DB Systemtechnik. Leonhard is currently one of our solar module experts and is also well versed in substructures.

Ludwig Kollmannsberger


Ludwig studied renewable energy management and enhanced his knowledge of electromobility. He is our expert for wallboxes and charging stations and is responsible for ensuring that the mobility revolution finally takes off. Ludwig also knows his way around the funding jungle of photovoltaics, electricity storage and electromobility.

Luis Santos

Product manager and Heating System:Expert

Securing the future economically and ecologically: this is what drives our heating professional Luís. His mechanical engineering studies with a focus on thermal energy led him to Memodo. He wrote his master's thesis on a heat pump project in a church. He was particularly interested in sector coupling between PV, heat and mobility, because the optimum solution looks different for every new project.

Magdalena Forchhammer

Product Manager and Module:Expert

Magdalena studied renewable energy management at university and then gained start-up and project management experience. A conscious lifestyle and sustainability have always been important to her. At Memodo, she started in product management and, as an expert for solar modules, ensures that our modules shine in the Memodo store.

Marcel Melle

Product Manager and Heat Energy:Expert

Marcel’s thing is self-sufficiency. Apart from electricity consumption, he is particularly concerned about heat demand. This is no coincidence, as Marcel studied renewable energies in Freising and worked intensively on heat pumps and energy-self-sufficient houses. At Memodo, Marcel is our heat expert and continues to expand this sector with us.

Moritz Jahn

Product manager and Accessories:Expert

Moritz joined Memodo as a working student and stayed on while he completed his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering with a specialization in energy technology and a master's degree in business management for renewable energies. Today, he is a product manager for accessories and energy management systems. This fits perfectly with his penchant for organization and the important little things without which nothing works: no PV without accessories. After work, he enjoys the finer things in life - for example, a cold beer with colleagues on our roof terrace.

Neji Boubaker

Commercial Energy:Expert

Neji joined Memodo immediately after completing his Masters in Renewable Energy to bring his technical expertise to the PV sector. He is responsible for the commercial product portfolio and acts as a link between PEAKPLAN and Memodo’s product management.

Niklas Henker

Product manager and Storage:Expert

Niklas joined Memodo as a working student during his Master's degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship of Renewable Energies. During his studies, he already gained practical experience as a PV installer. At Memodo, Niklas brings his enthusiasm for economic feasibility studies to bear as a product manager for storage systems and inverters.

Philipp Schmid

Head of Marketing

Philipp is our communications expert and is at the helm of marketing and design. After expeditions through agencies, the communication design graduate worked for several years as a marketing manager in the B2C business for photovoltaic and renewable energy sales. He has been on board at Memodo since 2013 and was also jointly responsible for our first online shop. Apart from the website, he is also taking care of our entire external presence – both online and offline.

Ruben Bruder

Editor and Advisor:Expert

Getting to the heart of the matter: That's the job of our Hamburg-based language specialist Ruben in the text team. He learned his trade in public relations and media production. At Memodo, he now works as an online editor on the energy transition. He combines his passion for knowledge, language and the right pinch of humor with us and in his free time as a quizmaster and presenter.

Tamara Dettling

Communications manager

Writing with passion – whether interviews, manufacturer descriptions or social media posts. Tamara likes to reach for letters, signs, and numbers to achieve the right tone. Her professional path led from an online editorial office via an agency to Memodo. As our communications manager, she is responsible for copywriting as well as public relations and press work.

Theresa Faber

Team Leader and Planning:Expert

After completing her Masters in Renewable Energies Theresa joined planning office for PV concepts. In 2020, she first joined our internal service team and later switched to PV planning.
Since 2022, she has been Memodo’s “most-quirky” team leader and lovingly manages her colleagues in the planning department. She enjoys cold beer, the Isar river and winter sports as much as the planning tools of our manufacturers.

Vincent Ehrlich

Technical planner PEAKPLAN

Vincent has a background in automotive engineering and has already worked as a commissioning engineer and site manager for electric motors and fuel cell test benches. Before joining Memodo, he trained as a specialist for renewable energies. At our PEAKPLAN brand, Vincent is responsible for AC planning for commercial and industrial plants. When it comes to sustainability, he believes that "sharing is caring".

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