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At Memodo, you can find solar modules, energy storage systems, charging stations, heat pumps, accessories and much more at top prices, with the best quality and with good availability. We have the best brands in the industry.

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PV knowledge from A to Z: We support you in your everyday PV routine and give you plenty of basic information and detailed technical knowledge, available on the information pages of our website, on our blog or in our product and explanatory videos.

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Our goods are delivered directly from the Memodo warehouses to you, in a quick and reliable way. Do the products have to be delivered in Germany? In this case, you can order free of charge from € 4,000. We offer flexible delivery options.

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Memodo - that's us

Memodo quickly became a leading wholesaler for photovoltaic products, energy storage systems, charging stations and wallboxes. Today, we provide installers with everything they need for their projects. We are the Energy:Experts on the market.

Moreover, we offer expert knowledge that you can use to further develop your skills. We provide it in a condensed and easy to understand way. This way, you'll be up to date in record time and won't miss any PV trends.

Memodo was created in the loungeroom of the 3 founders and is now internationally active with subsidiaries in Italy, Czech Republic and in the Netherlands. Over 280 employees are shaping our new energy future. Would you like to be part of our team?

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Sustainable and packed with Memodo team spirit

Shape the energy future in a whole new way with us!
We have jobs for Energy:Experts and those who want to become one.

A passionate team with plenty of enthusiasm and great team spirit is looking for you!




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We live sustainably

Our office in Munich, our warehouse and the server for our online shop are fed with certified green electricity from wind and water power.

Green electricity is generated with significantly lower CO₂ emissions and brings us much closer towards climate targets.

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We offer you the very best - whether you are looking for solar modules, energy storage systems, charging stations, heating systems or accessories. We offer products from the best manufacturers in the industry, who develop products on the basis of their vast experience, which make your life as an installer a little bit easier. If you ever have difficulties, our technical service will gladly help you. Our project experts are always available to help you planning your project. Just send us your data and we'll start designing the project for you.

Having built a close relationship with our manufacturer partners, we are now able to offer excellent product availability and always have alternatives when things get really bad. Our logistics team will deliver your goods to you in record time.

You will get the products at a top price. In our sale category you can get more than just a good deal. We often offer special offers and promotional items that you won't miss if you subscribe to our newsletter.


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