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Energy Management Systems

This is how you can interconnect your energy storage system

An energy management system (EMS) connects and controls different energy sources at home and loads on the grid. This allows PV system owners to maximize the usage of the available energy and increase their level of self-sufficiency. The EMS displays the energy flows and intelligently adjusts the individual energy loads to the energy production.

Loads that can be incorporated into an energy management system.

Charging station and electric car

Electric cars are most sustainable when they are recharged locally, in particular if they get energy from their owner’s PV system. By integrating the wallbox into an EMS, you can not only track when and how much energy you have charged, but also use the energy generated from your PV system in a targeted way. PV system owners who are mainly at home at night or in the evening can store the PV energy by using a slightly larger storage unit.

Battery or home storage system

The EMS determines where the energy flow should be directed to, but only if you integrate the energy storage unit, the photovoltaic system, the heat-pump and the wallbox into one system. The EMS then centrally registers all energy flows making them traceable.

Smart Home

Several energy management systems can visualise other home appliances via radio-controlled sockets and, in some cases, switch them on and off. Moreover, there is a growing trend that moves towards Smart Homes. A smart home system integrates domestic appliances, roller shutter switches and other loads directly into the grid. We expect to see many new features in the next few years.

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