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Energy storage systems approval list

High-Voltage Systems and 48 V Systems (LV)

The Memodo energy storage system approval list makes your search easy by presenting you the suitable energy storage systems for our inverters. We give you an overview of our products and provide details of the individual inverters and inverter series in combination with the different batteries. You will also find the most important features of the inverter-battery combinations in this list. We have also included the approved series and configurations. These approvals are based on both the approval of the inverter manufacturer and that of the battery manufacturer.

High-Voltage Systems

Update: 01.04.2024

Especially with the high-voltage storage systems, the maximum charge/discharge power of the inverter is often lower than that of the battery. This can lead to a reduced DC power, which we will, however, indicate to you with the respective combinations. In high-voltage systems, the backup power/emergency power operation is usually only dependent on the inverter.

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48 V Systems

Update: 01.04.2024

Battery storage systems in the low-voltage range have an output voltage of 48 V. If you want to enable backup power/emergency power with the low-voltage battery storage systems, you must ensure that the battery-inverter combination has sufficient charging and discharging capacity. Most inverters are often suitable for self-consumption optimisation without backup power/emergency power function even with the smaller battery capacities.

In our 48 V release list, we show you which and how many batteries you need for which inverter. We also explain how to operate the combis in backup or emergency power mode.

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