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About us

Shaping the energy future together

Let's shape the energy future together!

Hi and welcome to the Energy:Experts

We are a friendly wholesale company specialized in PV systems, energy storage systems, charging stations and heating systems and supply installers with everything they need for their projects.

We share our knowledge keeping you up-to-date. We have a vast store of knowledge, packed with PV basics and expert technical notions. Moreover, we always treat each other as equals and in a very friendly way.

The Memodo Milestones

So much achieved and so much more to come
Photovoltaik ModulPhotovoltaik ModulPhotovoltaik ModulPhotovoltaik Modul

Memodo modules from Berlin to Rome

2021 was another great year for Memodo and the entire PV industry. With the number of modules we delivered, we could build a road that runs from Berlin to Rome. The modules generate plenty of PV power and enable us to be self-sufficient.


Expert knowledge for more than 6,000 installers

Our YouTube channel, our webinars, our blog and our podcast give thousands of installers access to extensive PV knowledge in a condensed and easy-to-understand way.


Globally active with plenty of power and happy Memodo members

We are currently active in 25 countries and deliver our goods in almost every corner of the world. The Memodo colleagues work for your PV project from the offices in Munich, Nuremberg, Prague, Verona and Amsterdam.

The Memodo Team

We are the Energy:Experts

The Memodo team members live for the energy transition and cross the office door every morning with great enthusiasm. Thanks to their professional skills, they make our customers and partners even more successful and the energy world ever better.

At Memodo, everyone works at the same level, no matter whether he/she is a technology-obsessed Storage:Expert or a Finance:Expert addicted to numbers. The atmosphere in our office is always friendly, respectful and enjoyable.

Join us

Founder and Managing Director Enrico Brandmeier

gives a look behind the scenes

“Every single day it's a pleasure to listen to our colleagues talking to our customers, even if, as a boss, you sometimes grudgingly look at the clock due to the meticulous attention that some of our employees put to details.”

But that's exactly what distinguishes us from all other wholesalers and what our customers love so much about us. At Memodo, we always act in partnership and in a very friendly and personal way. No matter what time it is.

When you look at colleagues working on a test, you can clearly feel the enthusiasm and the excitement in their eyes.

We want our customers to be absolutely satisfied with Memodo, but also that every single employee comes to the office with enthusiasm to work for something they truly love. Working with this team in one of the most future-oriented industries is what motivates me every single day.

It all started in a living room. We just had 3 telephones but a brilliant idea. Together with Tobias Wenleder and Daniel Schmitt, I entered the solar energy market in 2013 with the ambition to become a leading wholesaler for energy storage systems. This all happened at a time when things were looking anything but rosy for the industry. We took advantage of the barriers to enter the market and founded a company with a unique identity: more flexible, cooler and with personality.


All about Memodo and its partners

Memodo locations

Memodo offices in Europe

Headquarters Oberding

Memodo GmbH
Eichenstraße 11 a-d
85445 Oberding

T: +49 (0)89 9041015-00
F: +49 (0)89 9041015-99

Munich Office

Memodo GmbH
Linprunstraße 16
80335 Munich

T: +49 (0)89 9041015-00
F: +49 (0)89 9041015-99

Nuremberg Office

Memodo GmbH
Ulmenstraße 52D
90443 Nuremberg

T: +49 (0)89 9041015-00
F: +49 (0)89 9041015-99

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