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Is it worthwhile to have a commercial storage system?

Commercial storage systems for industry, trade and agriculture

What distinguishes commercial storage system?

Professional Energy Management System

An intelligent control management system fulfils complex requirements such as dynamic peak load shaving or time of use.


Scalability and flexibility

Commercial storage system can be expanded almost indefinitely in terms of performance and capacity thanks to a scalable modular design principle.

More comprehensive
service concept in pre
& after sales

A complete integration into a monitoring system and a quick service response time ensure rapid bug identification and resolution.

For whom is a commercial storage system worthwhile?

The 5 most common use cases

Optimise Self-consumption

The energy produced by your own photovoltaic system is temporarily stored in a commercial storage system, increasing your self-consumption and making the energy supply affordable, especially when electricity prices are rising. If the photovoltaic system produces more energy than you use, it can be used in the evening, for example.

This results in:

  • Increased self-consumption
  • Affordable energy supply
  • More self-sufficiency

An interesting option for the farmers who support the use of renewable energy sources and enterprises that want to contribute to environmental protection.

Peak Load Shaving

Whenever additional machines with high power requirements are switched on, they can significantly increase the electricity prices. A commercial storage system provides additional power and reduces high peak loads.

This results in:

  • Affordable energy supply
  • More self-sufficiency

An interesting option for industrial enterprises, especially manufacturing and energy-intensive enterprises, and municipal enterprises.

Time of Use / EV charging stations

Normal grid power is not enough to run electric charging stations, expand production capacity or grow a business. A commercial storage system provides the power you need, without the need to purchase expensive additional grid connection power.

This ensures:

  • Cost savings
  • Faster and easier provision of charging infrastructure

An interesting option for car parks, EV- charging parks, hotels, supermarkets or manufacturing industry.

Backup Power / Emergency Power-Supply

In the event of a grid failure, the energy storage system continues to supply power to essential electrical systems by disconnecting from the (partial) grid and providing a back-up power supply.

This results in:

  • Independent energy supply
  • Reduction of insurance premiums

An interesting option for milking robots or ventilation systems in the agriculture sector and for critical components in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Rental Electricity Model

Photovoltaic systems combined with commercial storage systems are very cost effective for the residential sector. Through landlord-tenant power supply models, tenants and owners can invest in a shared system and benefit from shared investment costs and combined self-consumption.

Everyone benefits from:

  • High returns
  • Short amortization

These concepts are interesting in both new and existing constructions for property owners, property developers and homeowners’ associations.

What makes a good commercial storage system?

  1. Intelligent energy management system tailored to customer needs.
  2. Professional service from the manufacturerin terms of installation, maintenance and workshops.
  3. Long-term manufacturer warranties and prevention through e.g. security and service concepts and cloud monitoring.
  4. Excellent product quality of the system, especially the cells, combined with high efficiency and low standby losses.
  5. Easy scalability and future expandability of the systems.

Downloads for you

Commercial storage & commercial inverters comparisons

Memodo Commercial Storage Comparison 2024

Is it self-consumption optimisation, peak shaving or EV charging stations? Our commercial storage systems offer customised solutions for a wide range of customer requirements. Our commercial storage comparison chart gives an overview of the performance data and helps you to make an initial pre-selection.

Downloads for our Memodo commercial storage comparisons:


Memodo Commercial Inverters Comparison 2024

Or would you like to compare suitable commercial inverters? Our commercial inverter comparison gives you a clear decision-making guide to help you find the right product.

Downloads for our Memodo commercial inverter comparison:



This is how Memodo helps

We work with you to plan your customers' commercial storage systems in detail, and we will answer all the questions about products, technology, installation and maintenance.

Customer requirement, concept and offer:
We find the perfect commercial storage for your project.

We ensure,
that system installation and initial commissioning are easy.

If problems occur,
together with the manufacturer, we quickly provide a solution.

FAQs about commercial storage systems

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