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Plan, transfer, order – the new K2 Base feature

The K2 Base PV planning tool from K2 Systems is an essential tool for the majority of installers. With the new interface feature, you can now integrate Memodo as a wholesaler for all your future orders. This means that you can automatically transfer your parts list from K2 Base to the Memodo online shop and ultimately to your shopping cart.

The new interface offers you the following advantages:

  • Faster processes
  • Convenient handling
  • Simplified planning
  • Customized & secure transfer

Connect now

In 2 steps get connected to the interface:

Log-in: After logging in (as administrator) go to “settings” in your MyK2 account.

Select Memodo: Select the “Webshop Connect” tab in the settings, then go to "Filter Webshops by countries". Select "GB" from the dropdown and activate the slider. That's it!

How to: Transfer the parts list

Connecting to the Webshop: After the planning of your project, select the "K2+ Wholesalers Webshops" option in the "Summary" tab on the left.

Confirm transfer: Memodo (General) with logo will appear as your previously activated distributor. Click on our name or logo to confirm the transfer of the parts list to the Memodo online shop.

Importing parts lists to Memodo: You have imported your parts list into the Memodo online shop. In the overview, you can check the items and their quantities and adjust them if necessary. With one last click at the end of the list, you can add the items to your Memodo shopping cart.

That's it, K2 Base and Memodo are successfully linked. In future, you can transfer your parts list to your shopping cart in the Memodo online shop with just a few clicks.

The above-mentioned parts list ordering process works with the K2 Base planning tool for photovoltaic systems.  With this free planning tool from K2 Systems, you can digitally plan your K2 mounting systems for pitched and flat roof PV projects. 

We at Memodo would be delighted if you would add us as your trusted wholesaler in K2 Base. For a fast, secure and better implementation of your projects. Thank you very much!

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