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Flexibility for your upgrades

All in one: KOSTAL launches the new single-purpose voucher PLENTICOIN. With PLENTICOIN, KOSTAL offers you an innovative way of upgrading KOSTAL inverters and wallboxes quickly and easily. Whether it's a power upgrade for the KOSTAL G3 inverter, a battery upgrade or an intelligent comfort function for the wallbox, with PLENTICOIN you can upgrade your KOSTAL device without interruption. This gives you the flexibility to customise devices such as the new KOSTAL G3 inverter exactly to your customers' needs.


The PLENTICOIN is a single-purpose voucher that enables all KOSTAL product extensions and upgrades without having to change the hardware or open the device. This is how it works:


You purchase PLENTICOINs either as a sealed voucher card or directly digitally with just a few clicks.


Then redeem your PLENTICOINs. To do this, you need a company account in the KOSTAL Solar Terminal and in the KOSTAL Solar Webshop. With the digital version, this is done automatically. You can either scan the analogue single purpose vouchers via the QR code in the KOSTAL Solar app or enter the code in your account in the KOSTAL online shop.


3. Plan PLENTICOIN upgrades:
Check which upgrades your customer needs. This list will help you:

  • Each level of power upgrade for inverters costs 1 PLENTICOIN.
  • The battery upgrade for inverters costs 3 PLENTICOINs.
  • The comfort function costs 2 PLENTICOINs.

You can redeem PLENTICOINs in the KOSTAL Solar App or in the KOSTAL webshop by selecting the product and then the desired upgrades for the inverter or wallbox. You pay with PLENTICOIN and receive activation codes for the devices.


5. Activate PLENTICOIN upgrades:
Please note: As the power upgrades change the function of the inverter or wallbox, only installers can activate them. Activation is possible in 3 ways:

  • During initial commissioning in PRO mode of the KOSTAL Solar app
  • Manually via the device display (under "Additional options")
  • In the web server that manages the device (under "Additional options", select "Options")

With PLENTICOIN you can quickly and easily set up customised upgrades for KOSTAL inverters and wallboxes. The quick installation is ideal for repowering (e.g. by increasing the power of the inverter), gradually adding functions (e.g. a battery upgrade) or expanding (e.g. with a wallbox).


You can buy KOSTAL PLENTICOINs directly in our shop - with just a few clicks and a starting discount of 40 % for the market launch. As soon as you have purchased your PLENTICOINs, you will receive an email with a QR code for the KOSTAL Solar App and a code to enter in the KOSTAL webshop. Each code contains up to 10 PLENTICOINs. If you purchase more than 10 PLENTICOINs, you will receive multiple codes. Please note that it may take a few working days to process your order. Enjoy your upgrade with PLENTICOIN!

PLENTICOIN ready - the KOSTAL G3 L inverter

The new generation of KOSTAL hybrid inverters impresses with its versatility and power. The KOSTAL G3 L inverter has 3 MPP trackers and 4 digital outputs for connecting a KOSTAL wallbox or a KOSTAL battery. Equipped with the KOSTAL BackUp Switch, the PLENTICORE G3 continues to provide emergency power in all 3 phases. By itself, the KOSTAL G3 inverter can manage up to 15 kW of AC power. By combining the inverter with PLENTICOIN, it can be upgraded to a 17.5 kW or 20 kW inverter without changing the technology. For each individual upgrade, such as an increase in power level or a new connection, you redeem PLENTICOINs. The KOSTAL G3 will also be available in power classes S and M.

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