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Bifacial Solar Modules

Bifacial solar modules are an innovative technology in photovoltaics that makes it possible to utilise solar energy from both sides of the modules.

The functioning of bifacial solar modules is based on utilizing the reflected and scattered sunlight from the backside of the modules. In addition to direct sunlight on the front side, bifacial solar modules can absorb reflected light from the ground, snow, or other surfaces on the backside and convert it into electricity.

By utilising solar radiation on both sides, bifacial solar modules enable increased energy generation compared to conventional single-sided modules. This leads to increased efficiency of the photovoltaic system and better utilisation of the available solar energy.

Another advantage of bifacial solar modules is their flexibility during installation. As they can generate energy on both the front and the back, they offer more options for mounting and aligning the modules. This can be particularly beneficial in situations where space is limited or for unconventional installations.

Bifacial solar modules are used in a variety of photovoltaic systems, including commercial and industrial installations and solar parks. They offer an attractive option for increasing energy production and optimising the performance of solar installations.

The use of bifacial solar modules helps to further improve the efficiency and profitability of photovoltaic systems. By collecting solar energy from both sides of the modules, operators can maximise energy production while increasing installation flexibility.

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