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Efficient photovoltaics with the SolarEdge Power Optimizer

SolarEdge power optimizers make PV systems more efficient, safer and more flexible. The S-Series solar power optimizers monitor and control each individual module, while the innovative mySolarEdge monitoring app gives you a real-time overview.

Advantages of SolarEdge power optimizers

SolarEdge PV optimizers combine state-of-the-art technology and safety. Explore the benefits at a glance:

Improved safety for you

SolarEdge focuses on safety and underlines this with a 25-year warranty on its SolarEdge Optimizers. This is why public sector customers often choose SolarEdge. The SolarEdge power optimizers features these three key technologies:

  • SolarEdge SafeDC™ for a safe voltage level:
    Automatically lowers module voltage to a safe level (1V per optimizer) in the event of a disruption, minimising risks during installation, mounting or weather damage.
  • SolarEdge SenseConnect for advanced safety:
    This technology monitors the temperature in cables and connectors to identify any abnormality and prevents electric arcs from forming through early detection.
  • SolarEdge Arc Detection for damage prevention:
    Identifies hazardous arc faults in the circuit and immediately disconnects the connection in the event of a fault, preventing fires and other damage.

Increased efficiency for full power

SolarEdge optimizers maximise the output of PV systems. This is what makes them so efficient:

  • Power Boost Mode:
    In Power Boost mode, power from other solar modules is directed to modules that are not performing optimally. This ensures consistent output across the entire string, maximizing the kWh yield. Ideal for shaded area, as the system does not need to adjust to the weakest module.
  • Precise monitoring:
    The monitoring app provides accurate, real-time monitoring at the module level rather than the whole system. This allows you to accurately detect shading and immediately see in the app whether modules need cleaning or maintenance.
  • Fixed voltage principle:
    The SolarEdge power optimizers keep the voltage in the system at a constant level that does not rise or fall drastically. The solar optimizer calculates the Maximum Power Point (MPP) directly at the module, reducing the load on the inverter.
  • Communication via power cable
    With PLC (Power Line Communication), information flows directly over the power line rather than via a separate data cable.
  • Flexible system planning:
    It adapts to any roof shape and size and makes optimum use of available space.

Practical design

Power optimizers from the photovoltaic experts at SolarEdge are cleverly designed:

  • Simple installation:
    You simply mount the SolarEdge power optimizers to the mounting system using hammerhead screws. You then couple them using MC connectors. The result is a quick and easy installation.
  • One brand, includes everything:
    SolarEdge is known for perfectly harmonising its system components and accessories. The SolarEdge power optimizers are compatible with all SolarEdge modules and inverters.

SolarEdge Power Optimizers for all types of applications

The SolarEdge S-series comprises various models designed for different requirements. Whether for small residential buildings or large commercial projects, the S series offers the right solution for every need. The SolarEdge S440 PV optimizer is ideal for residential applications. The SolarEdge S650 model and larger optimizers starting from the SolarEdge S1000 regulate two modules each and are the best choice for the commercial segment. Here are the key specifications at a glance:

Max. input power440 W650 W1.000 W
Max. Input current
per module
14,5 A15 A15 A
Max. Input voltage
60 V85 V125 V
Regulated modules112

Optimize the yield of the PV system with SolarEdge

With the SolarEdge S-Series power optimizers, you can ensure increased efficiency and optimum safety for your customers. Browse our extensive product range in the shop to find the right SolarEdge power optimizer for your needs, as well as the necessary accessories for your individual project requirements.

Find the best solution for your projects now

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