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TW Solar Modules – The strength for your projects

TW Solar Modules – The strength for your projects
Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 01. July 2024
5 min. reading time
Leonhard Binder
Leonhard Binder

High-power and, above all, versatility are the essential qualities of today's modules. With its PV modules, TW Solar focuses on/prioritizes flexibility and high availability. The Chinese manufacturer, also known internationally as Tongwei, has long been recognised as a producer of solar cells. A few years ago, it added its own TOPCon solar modules to its portfolio. But what can TW Solar modules do, what makes them different and for which applications are they best suited? You'll find the answers in this special guide.

Meet TW Solar / Tongwei

The name TW Solar is already well known in the solar industry. The Chengdu-based manufacturer has been supplying high-quality solar cells to module manufacturers since 2006. This is why the quality of its modules is so high: The manufacturer refines and processes high-purity silicon, from which it produces wafers and then TOPCon solar cells. These cells form the core element of TW Solar modules. As the entire production chain is managed in-house, quality standards remain consistent throughout the process. It also eliminates problems with supplier deliveries.

This brings TW Solar to the level of a Tier 1 manufacturer. It also ensures that the modules are consistently available in large-scale quantities and at attractive costs. This makes them particularly attractive as project modules for large projects and for installers with high workloads.

Technology and Strengths of TW Solar Modules

TW Solar offers two types of modules: traditional glass/foil modules with an output of 430-440 Wp and bifacial glass/glass modules with an output of 435-445 Wp. Both series use advanced N-type technology and achieve efficiencies between 21.8% and 22.5%. Both the glass/foil and glass/glass modules use the TOPCon cell technology. This technology reduces power losses during electricity transport through special fine mechanical processing, resulting in higher energy output from the cell. Here is an overview of the technical details of the different variants:

ModuleTechnologyFinishDimensionPower ClassEfficiency
TWMNH-48HD 445TOPCon N-TypeGlass/Glass1762 x 1134 x 30445 Wp22.3 %
TWMNH-48HD 440TOPCon N-TypeGlass/Glass1762 x 1134 x 30440 Wp22.0 %
TWMNH-48HD 435TOPCon N-TypeGlass/Glass1762 x 1134 x 30435 Wp21.8 %
TWMND-54HS 440TOPCon N-TypeGlass/Foil1722 x 1134 x 30440 Wp 22.5 %
TWMND-54HS 435TOPCon N-TypeGlass/Foil1722 x 1134 x 30435 Wp22.3 %
TWMND-54HB 430TOPCon N-TypeGlass/Foil1722 x 1134 x 30430 Wp22.0 %

In addition to these output data, photovoltaic modules from TW Solar show these strengths:

  • Modern Technology

    TW Solar puts a strong focus on research and development and operates its own solar research centre. This allows the manufacturer to remain at the forefront of technology and to focus on its own innovations - and not just in the solar module itself: TW Solar also conducts research into sustainable and environmentally friendly production techniques.

  • Full certification

    TW Solar modules are fully certified by TÜV Nord for the German and European markets. Specifically, they meet the requirements of the DIN EN IEC 61215-1 (Design Qualification and Type Approval of PV Modules) and the DIN EN IEC 61730-1 standards (PV Module Safety Qualification). All other certificates, such as those relating to resistance to environmental factors, can be found here.

  • Flexibility

    TW Solar modules are designed for versatility. All modules are compatible with the Stäubli MC4 EVO 2 connector as well as other common connectors, making installation easier for you. The robust construction and consistent high output of TOPCon and N-TYPE technology also make them a good choice for a wide range of applications.

For all types of applications: TW Solar for your projects

TW Solar / Tongwei solar modules are robust, meet all common standards and offer consistently high quality and availability because the manufacturer controls the entire value chain. If you are thinking of large-scale projects, TW Solar is the right choice. The manufacturer has been operating several solar power plants in China for years, using modules from its own production. The glass/glass modules of the TWMNH-48 series are particularly suitable as project modules due to their robust construction, which better protects the cells from adverse environmental conditions. Both module series from TW Solar comply with DIN VDE requirements for protection against potential-induced degradation, sand, salt and ammonia corrosion and other environmental effects and are certified accordingly. The manufacturer guarantees the durability of its modules with a 30-year performance warranty.

Combined with large production capacities and high manufacturing speed, TW Solar modules are not only ideal for traditional residential PV systems (for which they are fully suitable, of course), but also particularly well suited for large-scale installations of all kinds: Agri-PV, ground-mounted systems, solar parks or district PV systems.


Everything from a single source: With a completely self-managed production chain that starts from silicon and ends to the finished module, TW Solar achieves particularly high availability of its N-type TOPCon modules. Fully aligned with the latest technology standards and certified against adverse environmental effects, TW Solar is the manufacturer you need to consider for large-scale projects.


  • The solar cell manufacturer TW Solar now also offers PV modules.
  • These N-Type TOPCon modules have a power range of 430–445 Wp. 
  • Due to the completely in-house value chain and high production capacities, TW Solar modules are well-suited for large-scale projects and offer an attractive price-performance ratio.
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