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SMA Cashback Offer: Collect cash rewards now!

Keep track, just like you would on a beer coaster at your favorite bar. SMA appreciates your hard work and wants to reward you - so let's put it on the tab! With the SMA Cashback Offer, you can earn generous rewards for every device installed and registered between 01.03. and 30.09.2024. SMA says "it's worth it", and we agree - let's get started!

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Get the offer devices installed now

SMA Offer devices*Your cashback amount
Sunny Tripower 5.0 Smart Energy23 €
Sunny Tripower 6.0 Smart Energy25 €
Sunny Tripower 8.0 Smart Energy28 €
Sunny Tripower 10.0 Smart Energy32 €
SMA Home Storage (per battery module 3.28 kWh)45 €
SMA EV Charger 7.475 €
SMA EV Charger 22200 €
SMA EV Charger Business130 €
Sunny Tripower CORE2385 €

*Make sure you install and register SMA Offer device to claim your cashback amount.

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How does the SMA Cashback offer work?

1. Get ready

First, sign up yourself for the SMA Cashback offer. It's quicker than having a cup of coffee.


2. Order & install

Place an order with Memodo and install the selected SMA devices. Offer period: 01.03.-30.09.2024.


3. Register

Register your installed SMA devices on the SMA Cashback website or on the SMA Sunny Portal.


4. Collect cashback

You will receive a confirmation from SMA, then the money will be credited to your business account on a regular basis!

The SMA Cashback offer provides electricians and craftsmen the opportunity to receive an SMA reward for all installed and registered SMA devices listed above: SMA Sunny Tripower, SMA Home Storage, and SMA EV Charger. By utilizing renewable energy sources such as solar power through a photovoltaic system, participants actively contribute to the energy transition and promote climate protection. According to the manufacturer, the SMA Cashback Promotion is currently offered in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. All information is subject to change. Detailed terms and conditions can be found in the links listed below.

Dutch    French    German    Italian    Spanish

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