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Hello, Hoi, Ciao, Ahoj: We are expanding in Europe

Updated on 01. March 2022
4 min. Reading time
Magdalena Forchhammer
Magdalena Forchhammer

Memodo is expanding in Europe and continues to grow. That's why we are filling 3 new managerial positions that will contribute to the company's international growth.

To find out who's taking up the positions, how Memodo is expanding and where the company currently stands, read more below.

"Our goal is to provide all components needed for a sustainable energy and heat production as quickly and as uncomplicated as possible. We also plan to make our expert knowledge available internationally," said Daniel Schmitt, the company's founder and CEO.

Our strategy

To guarantee a successful internationalisation of the brand and to further establish ourselves in Europe, we filled 3 new international managerial positions. For this purpose, we selected 3 highly experienced colleagues who have been part of our team for a long time and who know the market and the industry like the back of their hands.

Our PV sales and distribution specialist

Christoph Schön has been working in the PV industry for more than 15 years. He started his career as a PV installer and then moved to the sales and distribution department of a solar module manufacturer. Later on, he joined SolarEdge as a Sales Manager for Central Europe, where he helped to ensure growth in the region. Since 2019, he has joined Memodo and has been successfully managing sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

"To me, an intensive exchange with the local teams and a close connection to our customers is very important. This is the only way we can improve our feel for the market and tailor our offer even more precisely," said our new Vice President Global Sales and Marketing when he was asked what is particularly important to him regarding his new position.

The growth driver

Patrick Teibner is one of the first Memodo members to join the company and has been driving its growth from the very beginning. He first joined Memodo in 2015 and most recently led the internal sales department, the planning department and the technical department. In his new role as Vice President Global Operations, he is now shaping the internal sales department on an international level and said: "Each country has its own individual requirements in terms of product range. We want to familiarise with the technical requirements on site and use our knowledge and experience to find a solution to the challenges that arise".

The brain of our brand

Philipp Schmid, the new Director of Marketing and E-Commerce, has been responsible for the Memodo brand and the company's appearance since 2017. Previously, he gained experience as a marketing director at a PV systems installation company which operates throughout Germany. This year, he has led the brand relaunch and has shaped the profile of the company's brand in view of its internationalisation.

"We have grown from storage experts to energy experts. However, our journey is not over yet. We keep on improving to set new standards," he declared.

What else is happening at Memodo right now?

Over the past year, interesting facts have occurred at our company. We doubled our annual turnover and we now count more than 160 team members only in Munich - and the wave of new hires has not yet stopped. A new brand identity, new online shop features and faster server performance are goals which will contribute to our growth. For our Austrian customers, we also created a dedicated company blog in order to share our knowledge with the Austrian market.

Memodo is expanding and now, in addition to the local office in Nuremberg, we also boast 3 international offices, and a few more are already in the planning stage. You can currently find us in:

  • Verona, Italy
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are currently building a new Memodo warehouse at Munich Airport. If all goes as planned, we will have an additional 30,000 sqm2 space available for our products by the end of 2023. We are also packing moving boxes, since some of us will be moving up a floor. We will be renting a new floor at our Munich office so that we will all have enough space.

This is what motivates us

Of course, we are not immune to the current difficulties of the PV market. There is one thing we need above all: more skilled workers. In other words, people who plan and install PV systems. In order to reduce the barriers to entry into the market, we offer knowledge, competence and know-how. This enables newcomers to have a solid base. For those who are more familiar with this market, we provide advanced expert knowledge.


The climate challenge and its effects require immediate action. With Memodo's expansion, we will give installers and companies throughout Europe access to the most important brands of the PV industry. Thanks to our regional offices, we are able to respond to the needs of local installers.


  • Memodo is expanding in Europe and continues to grow.
  • At Memodo, all components are quickly and easily available for installers in Europe.
  • Memodo created 3 new international managerial positions related to the internationalisation process and filled them with:
    • Christoph Schön as new Vice President Global Sales and Marketing
    • Patrick Teibner as new Vice President Global Operations
    • Philipp Schmid as new Director Marketing and E-Commerce
  • To inspire and support new professionals across Europe, we continue to disseminate our knowledge.
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