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10 things you didn't know about Memodo

Updated on 17. January 2023
5 min. Reading time
Tamara Dettling

Memodo turns 10! The big Memodo birthday party is kicking off and we're not just celebrating 10 years of Memodo but everyone who is instrumental in shaping the future of energy. To mark the occasion, we've pulled together 10 things from the Memodo history books that we guarantee you didn't know. Here they come.

#1: Delivered energy storage systems

BYD, LG Energy Solutions, SolarEdge, Sungrow, GoodWe and many other manufacturers supplied us with the latest energy storage systems. Since our inception, we have delivered in total more than 200,000 storage systems. This year, we want to push these numbers even higher. Since December, the high-voltage storage system and the high-voltage hybrid inverter from Jinko Solar for private homes can only be ordered from us.

#2: Mylow, Luna & Co.

We are big pet lovers and now we have more and more office dogs in our premises. They range from large to small, from long hair to curly, from playful to reserved. These office dogs often cavort in our offices in Munich and Nuremberg:

  • Nacho, 2 years old, comes from Greek animal welfare and is playful after a warm-up period.
  • Loui, 2 years old, is a mix of Australian Shepard and Border Collie and loves to play with a ball.
  • Klex, 4 years old, is a Croatian Shepherd, very lively and likes to be petted.
  • Luna Negra, 2 years old, is a Bosnian street dog and likes to snack on carrots.
  • Jamu, 3 years old, comes from a Croatian shelter and likes to eat cucumbers and raspberries.
  • Mylow, 3 years old, is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a mixture of wild bumblebee and sloth.
  • Fibi, 12 years old, is a black pug and quiet as well as comfortable on the move.
  • Ida, 11 months old, is a Cooker Spaniel and has a super nose.
  • Cookie, 8 months old, is a Havanese and friendly as well as open to other dogs.
  • Coco, 2 years old, is a mix of Jack Russell Terrier and Dachshund and comes from the streets of Rome.

#3: Michael, Tobias, Theresa? Most popular first names in Memodo

The most popular first name in Memodo is Daniel. There are 14 Daniels in our database. Other popular first names with us are Sebastian and Adam. The most popular female first name is Lisa. There are now more than 360 people working at Memodo and the number is growing every month. In 2022, almost 200 employees joined us and many new departments were created. Our new brand Peakplan has been offering customised energy concepts since May 2022 for DACH market. There are more than 20 people working for it.

#4: Every Thursday is Goaßmaß day.

On Thursday afternoons, the organisers from our purchasing department announce Goaßmaß drinking. This cool treat for the palate consists of dark beer, cola and cherry liqueur. Much like the Radler, the Goaß is a matter of debate: what goes into the glass first? Beer? or cola? Our Goaßmaß:experts are clearly in favour of the order: beer, cola and then liqueur.

#5: First employee of Memodo

Who doesn't know him? Andreas Rosen is Memodo's first employee and started working for Memodo sales in November 2013. He built up close contacts with the customers and manufacturers and did a lot of campaigning for energy storage system. Even then, he was aware that electricity would become a scarce commodity and that electricity prices would rise.

On top of that, "Andi" conducted several webinars and training courses to educate and train about energy storage systems right from the start. From 2019, Andi was in charge of sales for the GC Group. Now he is involved with the Memodo Academy as a trainer and moderator. His speciality is training on PV basics.

#6: Logo and company name

The company name had to be catchy and original and of course should work internationally. Memodo was born. Our logo as well as the brand claim went through various stages. In the beginning we used the claim "renewable energy supply", then "renewable energy expert", "energy storage expert" and finally we turned it into "The Energy:Experts".

Our 3 rhombuses in the logo not only represent our 3 founders, but also stand for solar cells. The rhombuses point to the right, which means moving forward and into the future. Blue stands for technology and reliability. Our current logo is more modern, younger, fresher and brighter in its new look.

#7: First company trip

For the first Memodo company trip, 12 employees travelled to the roots and birthplace of the Memodo idea. They went to Lake Garda. In 2 days, the Memodos organised, among other things, a stand-up paddling race around a buoy, where almost everything was allowed. They sailed across the lake over the waves in small boats and also enjoyed a barbecue together. Enrico, Daniel and Tobias still go back to Lake Garda every year and spend time together there.

#8: Spoken languages at Memodo

Since 2021, the Memdoo family in Europe continues to grow. You can now find Memodo locations in Vienna, Prague, Utrecht and Verona. Also, in 2023 new locations will be added. You can find many languages and nationalities in our offices. Besides German, English, Italian, Polish, Czech and Dutch, we speak French, Albanian, Croatian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Marathi.

#9: The first Memodo office

After Daniel's children's room became too small, Memodo moved into a loft office in Ganghoferstrasse in Munich. We shared this office with other start-ups from the PV sector. It was spread over 2 floors. In addition to modern office equipment, there was also a table football. During the lunch break, the employees competed here to win. They also cooked together here. This was our office for about 2 years.

#10: Our little Tiktok star

Tiktok is fun and the hype is far from over. We also have big Tiktok fans among us. One of them is our trainee Kazheen Salih. Kazheen has been on Tiktok since 2021, creating her own content. Initially, she edited her own clips from videos by influencers or from TV programmes. Now she appears in front of the camera herself and takes her followers into her everyday life. It is important to her to be as authentic as possible and to make people happy. @kazhlo20 now has 65,000 followers, 3.4 million likes and receives up to 6,000 comments on her posts.

We are now entering the next decade and continuing to drive the energy transition. This, too, is sure to provide plenty of exciting Memodo talking points. Stay tuned!

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