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Everything from a single manufacturer: SolarEdge Home System 

Everything from a single manufacturer: SolarEdge Home System
Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 22. March 2022
7 min. Reading time
Magdalena Forchhammer
Magdalena Forchhammer

Now more complete than ever: SolarEdge launches the backup capable Home System. This system is one of several among the new items that joined our product range for domestic systems. We take a look at the SolarEdge Low Voltage Home Battery, the SolarEdge Home Hub inverter and the SolarEdge Home Backup interface. Below we present you the new products and the complete SolarEdge Home System.

SolarEdge now offers a complete package and new products in the field of domestic installations and sector coupling, true to the motto "SolarEdge on the roof, inside the building and in the garage". By doing so, the company is further differentiating its offer of domestic systems from that of commercial systems. The SolarEdge Home System includes:

  • SolarEdge Home Low Voltage Battery
  • SolarEdge Home High Voltage Battery
  • SolarEdge Home Hub inverter
  • SolarEdge Home Wave Inverter (to be launched soon)
  • SolarEdge Home Backup interface 
  • SolarEdge Home Energy Meter
  • SolarEdge optimizers
  • SolarEdge Smart modules
  • SolarEdge charging station  
  • SolarEdge Home Smart devices (to be launched soon) 
  • SolarEdge Home Network

The most significant innovation of the SolarEdge Home System: The Low-Voltage Home Battery

With the Low Voltage Home Battery, SolarEdge now offers a 48 V battery that is stackable and scalable. Each battery module boasts 4.6 kWh net capacity. You can install up to 5 modules in 2 towers. This results in a net capacity of 4.6 kWh - 23 kWh per system. This is what you can combine:

 Number of towers12
ComponentsMKT PN \ Konfiguration1 battery2 batteries2 batteries4 batteries (2 +2)4 batteries (3+1)5 batteries (3+2)2 batteries3 batteries
Battery moduleBAT-05K48M06-0112344523
Battery top coverIAC-RBAT-5KMTOP-0111122222
Cable battery module to battery moduleIAC-RBAT-5KCBAT-01 12223 1
Tower-to-tower cableIAC-RBAT-5KCTOW-01   11111
Current cable between battery tower and inverterIAC-RBAT-5KCINV-0111111111

The low-voltage battery can be combined with the 3-phase SolarEdge Hub inverter. You can mount the storage system on the floor or on the wall. The installation occurs via plug-and-play and configuration with the SolarEdge SetApp.

High-voltage storage system: The SolarEdge High-Voltage Home Battery

In addition to the low-voltage battery, you can also get the SolarEdge high-voltage Home Battery. It is compatible with single-phase inverters and can also be combined with the previous HD Wave inverters with the help of a SolarEdge Home network plug-in. The high-voltage battery comes with a net capacity of 9.7 kWh. You can connect up to 3 batteries in parallel to one inverter. The battery can be mounted indoors and outdoors. Wall installation is possible with handles and floor installation with a ground plate. Appropriate accessories are available for this purpose.

Hybrid solution: SolarEdge Home Hub inverter

When a storage system and an inverter are produced by the same company, this usually means more power, more efficiency and a single customer service representative who you can ask questions to. For the new low-voltage battery, SolarEdge launches the right hybrid inverter. The SolarEdge Home Hub inverter is available with 5 kVA, 8 kVA or 10 kVA power.

SolarEdge is no longer categorising its inverters into 1-phase and 3-phase systems, opting instead for Home Hub, i.e. hybrid inverters, and Home Wave, i.e. PV inverters. The Home Hub inverters are already equipped with the new Home Network communication interface. They can therefore communicate with all other SolarEdge Home products. You can install the Hub inverter without a data cable, as it can be integrated into the manufacturer's Smart Home network.

PV only: SolarEdge Home Wave inverter

The second category of inverters, the Home Wave inverters, consists purely of PV inverters which are also equipped with the Home Network. They can communicate with the SolarEdge product line. This category also includes both 1-phase and 3-phase systems.

The backup power supplier: SolarEdge Home Backup Interface

With the SolarEdge Home Backup interface, SolarEdge provides for the first time the possibility of having backup power. For this purpose, you need to combine the Backup Interface with the SolarEdge Home Hub and the SolarEdge Home Battery. The system is available in both 1-phase and 3-phase versions. In the event of a power outage, the backup system switches to backup power mode in less than 3 seconds. In this way, the house is supplied with electricity of the Home Battery - providing a power of up to 2.5 kVA per phase.

The meter: SolarEdge Home Energy Meter

SolarEdge's new smart meter, the Home Energy Meter, now joins the Modbus energy meters. It is mainly addressed to the private home sector. The meter is compact, clips directly onto the top-hat rail and fits every electrical control cabinet. A new feature is the integrated current transformer, which allows the meter to measure directly without need of external current transformers. You can use this device for both 1-phase and 3-phase systems.

Another new feature is the display, which is usually not available for the Modbus meters. The Home Energy Meter is equipped with the Home Network communication interface in the low frequency range and can thus communicate with all new SolarEdge Home components.

The module optimizers: The new SolarEdge S-optimizers

In 2021, the module optimizers of the new S series were already launched on the market. With these, SolarEdge reduced its optimizers portfolio of single optimisers to S440 and S500 and adjusted its optimisers to the new module generations with even higher power classes and short-circuit current. In addition to the SolarEdge optimizers S440 and S500, SolarEdge also offers the S500B optimizer for special applications with short strings, high voltages or higher amperage.

SolarEdge on the roof: SolarEdge smart modules

SolarEdge has been offering smart modules for a while. The standard modules come with a white backsheet. Additionally to these, the Smart modules are also available in a black design. The modules come with integrated module optimizers and offer a significant time saving, both in the ordering process and during installation and initial operation.

SolarEdge in the garage: SolarEdge charging station

Concerning electric mobility and charging stations, SolarEdge has recently introduced its own charging station  with a power of up to 22 kW. The device comes in a simpler version and in an advanced one with RFID activation and MID meter. From the end of 2022, the SolarEdge charging station will also come with an integrated home network. This will then mean: reliable and, above all, wireless communication. However, until this point, either an Ethernet cable or W-LAN will have to be used.

Accessories: SolarEdge Home Smart devices

For the Smart Home of the future, the SolarEdge Smart Home devices will also be available with integrated Home Network interface. We expect these products to be available in the course of the year. These include the Home socket and Home switcher, which will then be able to control individual connected devices. For heating elements, the Home hot water device and heat pumps, there is a Home switching contact, i.e. a potential-free contact.  

The control unit: SolarEdge Home Network

The Home Network is a wireless low-frequency communication interface. "Low frequency" may at first sound negatively, but it is definitely not a disadvantage. The Home Network frequency does not compete with high-frequency W-LAN or mobile networks. In addition, all home network transmitters/receivers work as a mesh network, so that each device contributes to expand the network.


With its Home System, SolarEdge now draws a clear line between home installations and commercial installations. With the new low-voltage storage system, the right hybrid inverter and the new backup interface, a backup power system can also be implemented for the first time.

With the SolarEdge Home and the energy management system, SolarEdge can intelligently connect all 3 energy sectors, i.e. electricity, mobility and heat. In addition, SolarEdge creates a reliable wireless communication interface, the Home network, which saves a lot of time and effort.

In the long term, we would like to offer a communication interface for heat generators such as heat pumps. SolarEdge has recognised the signs of the times and has prepared itself for the challenges of sector coupling in the private sector.

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