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Sungrow storage system and combi solution

Sungrow storage system and combi solution
Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 12. October 2021
4 min. Reading time
Magdalena Forchhammer
Magdalena Forchhammer

News from the Sungrow world. The Sungrow storage system and a complete 3-phase solution are now available. What's inside the new storage unit and what are the benefits of the combi solution?

The new Sungrow SBR, with a modular design, is composed of 3 to 8 battery modules and its power range reaches from 9.6 kWh to 25.6 kWh. The battery contains lithium iron phosphate cells without cobalt. The design is very compact: a single module weighs 33 kg and has a capacity of 3.2 kWh. You can install up to 4 of the 25.6 kWh storage units in parallel to reach a maximum capacity of 100 kWh.

Together with the Sungrow hybrid inverter, the system is emergency power, backup power and off-grid capable. The switch-over time is less than 20 seconds. With its 4 feets, the storage unit stands firmly on the floor and cannot be mounted on the wall. Can the storage unit fall over? The security system will avoid it.

Sungrow storage system always expandable

The Sungrow storage system consists of a base, a top unit with integrated battery management system, fuse and connection unit. In addition, the battery is composed of battery modules, which you can stack on top of each other.

You can start with 3 battery modules and install up to 8 modules per battery. You can increase the battery's capacity over the entire lifetime of the battery. The single components of the storage system, in particular the battery modules, are designed in such a way that they can easily be transported and installed by just one person.

The combi solution

The Sungrow battery storage can be combined with the Sungrow 3-phase hybrid inverter. For the start-up, you only need to connect the two DC cables via plug-and-play and connect the communication cable. The system will recognise the storage unit automatically. You do not need to wire the battery modules.

The storage packages are available in all inverter versions which the Sungrow residential hybrid segment offers. The complete system composed of storage unit and inverter, and not just the individual systems, has been certified according to VDE 25010-50.

Net capacity9,6 kWh12,8 kWh16,0 kWh19,2 kWh22,4 kWh25,6 kWh
Number of battery modules345678
Nominal power5,76 kW7,68 kW9,6 kW11,52 kW13,44 kW15,36 kW
Peak power6,57 kW8,76 kW10,95 kW13,14 kW15,33 kW17,52 kW
Weight114 kg147 kg180 kg213 kg246 kg279 kg
Dimension625 x 545 x 330 mm625 x 675 x 330 mm625 x 805 x 330 mm625 x 935 x 330 mm625 x 1065 x 330 mm625 x 1195 x 330 mm

The scope of delivery of the 3-phase version with inverter includes an energy meter and the new WiNet module. The module sends new system data to the portal every 10 seconds and makes this way live tracking possible. In addition, the matching MC4 (PV) and Sunclix (battery) connectors are included in delivery.

Sungrow storage system compared to BYD

In this case, a comparison with the BYD Battery Box Premium HVS seems appropriate. Via a plug-in system, the BYD storage unit is also modularly expandable. BYD's storage capacity range is between 5.1 and 66.2 kWh and up to 3 battery towers can be connected to one system. With BYD, each battery module stores 2.56 kWh. Also in this case there is no need to wire the battery modules. As for the cell technology, BYD also relies on lithium-iron-phosphate.

The Battery-Box Premium HVS is compatible with various inverter manufacturers such as SMA, Fronius, GoodWe and Sungrow, while the Sungrow storage system is only compatible with Sungrow inverters. The on-grid and off-grid capability features as well as the protection class are identical. The BYD Battery Box Premium also has an IP55 protection class. A significant difference is the space requirement.


The Sungrow storage system perfectly matches the 3-phase Sungrow Hybrid, creating a complete 3-phase solution. The system of the Chinese manufacturer simply works via plug-and-play, both on storage and inverter sides. All components can be carried and installed by a single person without difficulties.

It is possible to increase the system's capacity over its entire lifetime. This gives the system a high flexibility and makes it easy to calculate for the end customer. We therefore find the three-phase system ideal for domestic and small commercial projects. Its warranty period expires after 10 years. We also give the price-performance ratio a thumbs up.


  • The Sungrow hybrid inverter now comes with a new additional product: Sungrow SBR storage is on the market.
  • It has a modular design and can reach 25.6 kWh with stackable battery modules.
  • Thanks to lightweight components and plug-and-play connection, it can be installed by just one person.
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