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The name says it all: e-mobility solutions from Wallbox

The name says it all: e-mobility solutions from Wallbox
E-Mobility knowledge
Updated on 31. July 2023
6 min. reading time
Ludwig Kollmannsberger

In the future, people will drive electrically. To make this statement come true, Wallbox has created a sensation in the e-mobility market with its exciting innovations. Wallboxes from Wallbox. That leaves no questions unanswered, does it? We have carefully tested these products.

Although the official brand name is "Wallbox Chargers", the company is popularly known as "Wallbox". Founded in Barcelona in 2015 by two former Tesla employees, Wallbox is a young company whose products are not the only embodiment of agility and flexible innovation. The company’s philosophy is based on the unconditional desire to make the road to the future not only faster, but also more attractive and less complicated. The products are manufactured in Europe. Their approach is certainly working: Wallbox recently won the coveted ‘The smarter E AWARD’ at Intersolar 2023.

In just a few years, the company has grown so fast that Wallbox now sells its products in more than 110 countries, although they still get manufactured in Europe. The company has 21 offices on 4 continents. To cope with this global structure and the different needs that come with that, the company has deliberately positioned itself broadly. The Wallbox portfolio has the right product for every application.

The Wallbox Pulsar family

The “smallest” member of the Wallbox family is the Pulsar Plus. This entry-level model offers a range of attractive features. The charging station provides 22 kW of charging power, which can be throttled down to 11 kW. In addition to its robust exterior (protection class IP54/IK08 protection) and 5 m cable, the Pulsar Plus can also connect to smartphones via Wi-Fi, OCPP or Bluetooth. Up to 25 devices can be integrated into the wallbox cluster and can be controlled via the myWallbox app or the Wallbox Portal. By combining the Pulsar Plus with the Wallbox Power Meter, dynamic load management and PV surplus charging are also possible. Broad compatibility means the device can be used with a variety of backend solutions.

The Pulsar Max is the advanced version of the Pulsar Plus. It is slightly larger, more robust (IP55/IK10) and available with a 7m cable. The Pulsar Max can also be connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and OCPP. In addition, it can implement static load management without a power meter connected. Dynamic load management and PV surplus charging are possible with the Power Meter as well. Another difference in size: The Pulsar Max cluster can accommodate up to 100 devices. It is controlled via the myWallbox app or the Wallbox portal. Of course, the Pulsar Max is also compatible with many backends.

Top performers: Commander & Copper

The Commander 2 is Wallbox's high-end product. Although the Commander 2, like the Pulsar Max, is available with a 5m or 7m cable and provides 22kW (or 11kW) of charging power in a cluster for up to 25 devices simultaneously, you don't have to look too hard to see the differences. The 7-inch touch screen is instantly recognisable and makes controlling it instinctive and straightforward. Of course, it can also be controlled via an app or the Wallbox Portal. In addition to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and OCPP, the Commander 2 can be connected via Ethernet and access control is managed via RFID. When it comes to static & dynamic (with power meter) load management and PV surplus charging, the Commander 2 offers the strengths of the Pulsar family, e.g. compatibility with different backends. The use of the Commander 2 requires the installation of a type A/B external residual current circuit breaker.

The Copper SB is Wallbox's business solution. Its performance is based on the Commander 2 (22/11 kW charging power, 25 devices in a cluster, strong backend compatibility), but the Copper SB is operated without the touch display. To make it easier to use in a commercial environment, the Copper SB has a type 2 socket instead of a fixed charging cable. Access control is done by RFID and this charging station is also controlled by myWallbox or the Wallbox Portal. As with the Commander 2, up to 25 devices can be clustered and a residual current circuit breaker type A/B is required.

Wallbox: Modern, powerful, attractive

Wallbox charging stations are comparatively smaller and more compact than many of their competitors. All of these solutions offer a charging capacity of 22kW, but can be scaled down to 11kW, offer good compatibility with different backends, can implement dynamic load management as well as PV surplus charging with a power meter, and can be connected in 1 or 3 phases.

Charging stations from Wallbox in comparison

 Pulsar PlusPulsar MaxCommander 2Copper SB
Cable length
Cable 5mCable 5m/7mCable 5m/7mSocket
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth,  OCPPWi-Fi, Bluetooth,  OCPPWi-Fi, Bluetooth,  OCPP, EthernetWi-Fi, Bluetooth,  OCPP, Ethernet
Control myWallbox App, PortalmyWallbox App, PortalmyWallbox App, Portal, Touch displaymyWallbox App, Portal
Statistic load
With Power MeterIntegratedIntegratedIntegrated
Protection classIP 54 / IK 08IP 55 / IK 10IP 54 / IK 10IP 54 / IK 10

Wallbox has much more to offer

In addition to the charging stations, the Wallbox portfolio also includes the much-discussed Power Meter. With the Power Meter, you can control and define your electricity consumption even more precisely. Here are some of the functions that can only be operated with the Power Meter:

  • Power Boost: measures the power consumption of the home in real time and adjusts the charge accordingly.
  • Eco-Smart: This feature charges the electric vehicle when the connected PV system is producing surplus electricity.
  • Power Sharing: The Power Sharing function distributes the power evenly between all the connected charging points.
  • Dynamic Power Sharing: Like Power Boost, this feature adjusts the charging power to match the power consumption of the home and distributes it evenly to all the charging stations. However, unlike Power Boost, Dynamic Power Sharing also works across multiple charging points.

The practical MID meter is also part of the Wallbox range. It makes it possible to precisely monitor the amount of electricity charged by the various e-vehicles. This is particularly useful in the semi-public sector for accurate billing.

The Wallbox Eiffel base completes the range. This security box is adaptable and always provides the ideal framework for the application. It can accommodate two meters, such as the Power Meter and the MID Meter from the Wallbox range.


Wallbox offers a wide range of e-mobility products that are manufactured in Europe. Aesthetics and style come first at Wallbox. Depending on your application and needs, you will find the right solution at Wallbox, especially thanks to the holistic PV integration. For even more flexibility, there are two meters or counters to get even more out of the already powerful charging stations.

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