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Sungrow in Wallbox Fever

Sungrow in Wallbox Fever
Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 25. July 2022
3 min. Reading time
Ludwig Kollmannsberger

There is a news from Sungrow, more precisely about an AC wallbox. It further completes the Sungrow range and is designed for home systems. What can the Sungrow EV Charger do? An overview.

Sungrow's new EV Charger comes with 11 kW power and one charging point. It is suitable for homes and comes with a 7 m charging cable. An RFID card, like a credit card, controls access to the wallbox.

Power11 kW
Charging Connection7 m cable
No. of charging points1
Access ControlRFID
Surplus ChargingYes from Q3 2022
Energy MeterNo measurement

The Sungrow Wallbox has 4 charging modes for charging without much grid power or for fast charging. These are the charging modes:

  • Green Power Charging – Economic charging. Here, the focus is on self-consumption. As soon as PV power is available, the charging power increases. Without PV power, a maximum of 6 A charging current comes from the grid.
  • Preset Charging – Charging to the point. This means that the vehicle is ready at the desired time with the desired capacity, while using as much renewable energy as possible.
  • Custom Charging – Charging during a time period. This means that the car will only charge at the desired time, for example between 10 am and 4 pm, even if the plug is in the vehicle.
  • Fast Charging – Charge as fast as possible: Charging with 11 kW AC power, whether from renewable energies or the grid.

The installation can be done in 2 ways. The wallbox can be mounted on the wall or on a stand. With the IP65 protection class, you can also install it outside as well as in a garage.

You can launch the system remotely via an app. Monitor it using the Sungrow iSolarCloud app or with the Webportal. There you can see energy flows and adjust settings. The warranty for the product is 2.5 years. If the Sungrow wallbox is integrated into a PV system consisting of Sungrow products, there is a contact person in case of service.

Assemble a Sungrow system

With the Sungrow EV Charger, a Sungrow hybrid inverter and a Sungrow SBR energy storage system with 9.6 to 25.6 kWh capacity and 3 phases, you can build an almost complete PV system in the home. You only need to add standard solar modules. Self-generated power can flow efficiently from the roof to the vehicle and other consumer loads. This is what a PV system with Sungrow components can look like:

Our Conclusion

The Sungrow EV Charger further complements the Sungrow system with the hybrid inverter and the energy storage system. Sungrow is thus taking big steps towards sector coupling. With 11 kW, access control via RFID and 4 charging modes, we find the wallbox very attractive for the home. Thanks to PV surplus charging, self-consumption can be further increased with the Sungrow EV Charger. What’s more, the wallbox is light, compact, handy and easy to mount on the wall or on a stand.

In Summary

  • The Sungrow system has an addition: Sungrow now offers an AC wallbox.
  • Among other things, it comes with 11 kW power and 4 charging modes. PV surplus charging is also possible and thereby more self-consumption.
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