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The smarter E Europe 2022 highlights

Updated on 17. May 2022
12 min. Reading time
Sebastian Beshiri
Sebastian Kepp

A not-to-be-missed event: The smarter E Europe took place in Munich from the 11th to the 13th May 2022 and brought several new products, Memodo news, intensive conversations and face-to-face meetings with colleagues of the industry. Below we give you an overview and present our highlights related to the Smarter E Europe 2022:

At the largest platform of the energy industry, the Smarter E, with its individual exhibitions Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power Europe, the atmosphere was an all-time success. A total of 1,356 exhibitors on 132,000 m² of exhibition space attracted over 65,000 visitors from 149 countries. You could also find us at the exhibition at our meeting point, a comfortable gathering point for our customers and visitors.

Positive mood in the PV sector

Just like the exhibition promoters, the German association of the solar industry (Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft e.V.) also evaluated the atmosphere of the industry very positively. The upward trend in terms of installed PV capacity is persisting. In the first quarter of 2022, it was 32 % higher than in the first quarter of 2021 and it showed its best results in the domestic segment and in solar parks.

Our new brand

In the next 3 years, 22 % of companies will install a PV system on their roof. For this particular segment, we developed Peakplan and new energy concepts specifically designed for installation companies, companies with high energy consumption, agricultural operators, construction companies, energy economists and investors.

At the exhibition, we presented our new brand for the first time. We also announced our exclusive distribution partnership with Jinko Solar for their new energy storage systems and inverters. Furthermore, we will also distribute Energizer's PV products in the D-A-CH region and in 28 other European countries.

Product news from BYD to SMA

In addition to our news, our manufacturers also attracted visitors to their exhibition stands with new products. Here is an overview:

ProducerProduct highlightKey features
GoodWeAC wallbox
  • 7, 11 or 22 kW
  • PV surplus charging possible
GoodWeHybrid inverter ET Series
  • 15-30 kW
  • 3 MPP Tracker
  • Backup power option
BYDBYD HVC storage system
  • Backup power and off-grid functionality
  • LFP cell technology
  • From 7,8 kWh to 70,5 kWh
BYDBYD Battery-Max Lite
  • Up to 5 MWH
  • Peak shaving
  • Self-consumption optimisation
  • High safety thanks to Blade battery
  • Extremely slim design, only 10 cm thick
  • DC high-voltage system
  • Modular design
SungrowSungrow AC charger
  • 11 kW
SungrowSungrow SG125CX-P2
  • 12 MPP tracker
  • Max. output of 125 kVA
  • Max. efficiency 98.5%
SolarEdgeSolarEdge Home System
  • All-in-one system
  • New hybrid inverter
  • New storage system
  • New backup interface for backup power
  • Complete PV portfolio
  • Hardcase products such as mobile energy storage system
Jinko SolarStackable low-voltage storage system
  • From 4,6 to 18,4 kWh
  • Lithium iron phosphate batteries
Jinko Solar3-phase hybrid inverter
  • Backup power possible
  • AC input
Jinko SolarAll-in-one system
  • Storage and hybrid inverter combi, 1-phase
  • 10 kWh
Meyer BurgerNew module generation
  • Further development of the existing cells
  • Module efficiency over 22 %
  • New frame edges for better water and dirt drainage
K2 SystemsK2 clamp
  • Frame height from 25-40 mm
  • Compatible with all slanted roof systems: SingleRail, SolidRail, Insertion System, MiniRail 2.0, SpeedRail, MultiRail and Universal K2 Clamp System
K2 SystemsDome 6 system
  • 0° system, as 10° or 15° supported system
  • Fire safety concept FLEPS

LG Energy Solutions


  • Control unit and max. 4 battery modules
  • Usable energy 8.6 and 17.2 kWh
SMAEV Charger Business
  • 2 x 22 kW
  • RFID and OCCP interface

In the table, we have only summarised the top features of the products. However, there are definitely more exciting details:

BYD: better availability and commercial solution

With the new HVC series system generation, BYD has once again increased the storage capacity despite the lower overall weight and height of the product. The availability is also supposed to increase due to the use of other components. The capacities range from 7.8 kWh to 70.5 kWh. Due to the IP55 certification, the storage system is also suitable for outdoor installations. The lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology used is considered a safe cell technology and offers a long durability and high performance. The storage system is compatible with SMA, Fronius, Kostal, Sungrow and GoodWe and can also be used for emergency/back-up power and off-grid projects.

In addition to the HVC series, BYD also presents the Battery-Max Lite, a modular scalable commercial solution for capacities from 30 kWh to 5.76 MWH. As cell technology, BYD relies on the Blade Battery, a type of LFP battery. In this occasion, BYD focused on the safety of the battery. The plug-and-play design makes installation very simple. Open interfaces offer easy system integration. With the Max Lite, self-consumption optimisation, peak shaving and a backup/isolation solution are possible.

Varta: on the wall

Varta presented a new DC high-voltage system at the exhibition, the Varta.wall. You cannot see the storage system? This is probably due to the slim design. 21,700 round cells (lithium-ion) make the storage unit only 10 cm thick, allowing it to easily disappear behind a door. The capacities are 10/15/20 kWh and can be subsequently expanded thanks to the modular design. A single battery module provides 5 kWh. The Varta.wall will be compatible with the SMA hybrid inverter and the Kostal Plenticore plus. Due to the simple connection system, which does not require external wiring, installation is uncomplicated and takes less than 30 minutes.

Sungrow: complete solutions for domestic residences

We have also noticed some new developments from Sungrow. With the Sungrow EV-Charger, an AC wallbox has been launched on the market. It brings a charging power of 11 kW and comes with 4 charging modes: from a green charging mode and a maximum of 6 A mains current to a fast charging mode with full power, regardless of the power source. The RFID system protects the charging access.

Sungrow has also launched a new commercial inverter, which replaces the SG110CX. The SG125CX-P2 boasts 12 MPP trackers and a maximum output power of 125 kVA. As usual, the efficiency level is kept in a very high range of max. 98.5 %.

SolarEdge: Home sweet Home

The SolarEdge Home System is the company's response to the sector coupling. This was developed from a single manufacturer: modules, hybrid inverters, wallboxes, storage systems, backup interface and smart energy devices. The almost complete solution for private homes is backup power capable. New products recently added to the portfolio include the SolarEdge Home low-voltage Battery, the SolarEdge Home Hub inverter and the SolarEdge Home Backup Interface. The communication among the components occurs via an integrated Energy Home network, which works cable-free. A monitoring app can be used by PV specialists to monitor the system.

Energizer: The Energetic Newcomer

Energizer? Aren't they actually manufacturers of household batteries? Not only! Energizer Solar owns a complete PV portfolio that is now entering the European market. That means modules, batteries, inverters and charging solutions. And not only that, because with the hardcase products you also get energy storage and modules to go. We are now exclusive sales partner for their PV products. The portfolio includes these products, among others:

  • Energizer Homepower: All-in-one-system with capacity of 6.1 kWh to 24.4 kWh and a backup power function.
  • Energizer Home Hybrid Stackable Battery: High-voltage battery with capacity of 3.97 to 27.8 kWh
  • Energizer Force, Force S and Force T Inverter series: 1- to 3-phase inverters
  • Energizer Beam Modules: monocrystalline modules with PERC technology, 365 to 550 Wp
  • Energizer Wallboxes and Charging stations: AC-wallboxes from 7 kW up to DC-charging stations with 480 kW

GoodWe: Charging Current and Hybrid Power

Our manufacturer GoodWe was also present at the trade fair and had something new in their portfolio. We saw the new GoodWe Wallbox, the EV Charger, for the first time. The AC wallbox will be available with 7-, 11- or 22-kW capacity for 1- or 3-phase charging with PV power. You can integrate the wallbox into an energy management system and control it via this system. For larger charging parks, the GoodWe EV Charger is compatible with all common wallboxes from the European market.

In addition to the EV Charger, GoodWe also introduced the new ET series 3-phase hybrid inverters with 15 to 30 kVA and 3 MPP trackers. They have backup power function. In the event of a power failure, the 30 kW variant can then provide 10 kW per phase to continue to supply the house with electricity.

Jinko Solar: new products for the storage and inverter market

Jinko Solar is expanding its product portfolio with an all-in-one system, a stackable low-voltage and high-voltage storage system and a 1- or 3-phase hybrid inverter. All power storage systems have lithium iron phosphate batteries. The stackable low-voltage storage brings usable capacities from 4.6 to 18.4 kWh. Up to 4 battery modules can be stacked. The 3-phase hybrid inverter with 8, 10 or 12 kVA can build backup power and comes with an AC input for generators or small wind turbines. The all-in-one system is launched as a storage and hybrid inverter combination with 10 kWh. All new Jinko products are available exclusively at Memodo shop.

Meyer Burger: new corners for less susceptibility to dirt

Meyer Burger currently offers a white module, a black module and a glass-glass module. The power classes currently range from 370 to 400 Wp. By the end of this year, Meyer Burger plans to launch the new generation of modules: Meyer Burger White, Meyer Burger Black, Meyer Burger Glass, Meyer Burger White C&I for larger rooftop installations and a module for commercial and industrial installations.

For all these new products, they are further developing the existing cell and are relying on heterojunction technology. However, the arrangement of the cells is now to happen without gaps. Together with the SmartWire interconnection technology, module efficiency values (efficiencies) above 22 % should be possible. Meyer Burger standardises the dimensions to an area of less than 1.8 m². New frame corners improve water drainage from the module and improve the self-cleaning effect. For the Black module, Meyer Burger is thinking of small red corners. We are curious to see them.

K2 Systems: the new clamp and a community

K2 Systems was also in the starting blocks with some new products. A module clamp is coming that works for all pitched roof systems. The new middle and end clamp of K2 Clamp is suitable for tile, trapezium, and corrugated sheet metal as well as folded sheet metal and corrugated fiber cement areas. It is suitable for frame heights of 25-40 mm and comes with the MK2 screw-in mechanism for faster screwing.

All flat roofs can now be equipped with the Dome 6 system in different variants, for example as a roof-parallel 0° system, as a 10° or 15° elevated system, with or without fixed connection, with or without fall protection or with clamping on the long or short module side. In terms of digital products, with the new K2 Community, PV professionals now have a platform for questions and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Intilion: Fire protection concept now also for the Intilion Scalestac

The fire protection concept Fire Limiter & Environmental Protection System (FLEPS) now also applies to the Intilion Scalestac indoor storage system. It prevents a lithium-ion storage unit from bursting into flames and a fire from spreading from one battery module to other modules. A mechanical principle takes effect and gases are discharged in a controlled manner. Thus, in the event of a fire, only one module needs to be replaced. The system can also be retrofitted to existing scalestacs.

LG RESU Flex: one battery, many arrangement options

The new LG RESU Flex from the South Korean manufacturer LG Energy Solution is a modular high-voltage battery system and consists of a control unit and up to 4 battery modules, depending on the energy consumption pattern. The usable energy is thus between 8.6 and 17.2 kWh.

The battery modules can stand on the floor and be placed on the wall in different arrangements. Using the Tetris principle, more than 30 different constellations are possible on the wall. The battery can serve 1- and 3-phase devices and has 10-year warranty. The RESU Flex is compatible with inverters from Kostal, Fronius, GoodWe and SMA.

SMA EV Charger Business: Charging in the commercial sector

SMA now has the EV Charger Business up its sleeve and with it a solution for implementing commercial charging via individual charging stations or charging parks with many charging stations. Charging is possible with up to 2 x 22 kW. The charging station with 2 charging points, charging cable and type 2 plug also comes with an RFID and OCCP interface. This allows you to integrate it into various backends and billing systems. The EV Charger Business can be used as a free-standing charging station, or it can be hung on the wall.

Our conclusion

Solutions for sustainable and secure energy supply have never been as important as they are now. The climate protection targets, sharply rising prices for electricity, oil, gas, and coal, as well as the current geopolitical movements are further accelerating the energy transition. The smarter E Europe 2022 exhibited the new energy world and its technologies, solutions, and business models.

Memodo also had a meeting point and there we informed our customers and the trade fair visitors, about our new brand Peakplan. There was a lot to see in terms of new products. The highlights were the new storage and inverters from Jinko Solar, the Energizer PV products, a new clamp from K2 Systems, new wallboxes from Sungrow and GoodWe and the BYD HVC as well as the BYD commercial solution Max Lite .

In summary

  • From 11th to 13th May 2022, the industry met at ‘The smarter E Europe’ trade fair in Munich, the platform for the new energy world.
  • We also showed up at the fair with Memodo meeting point introducing our new Peakplan brand and 2 new exclusive sales partnerships.
  • Many new products were also presented at the fair. Some of these include the storage system and inverters from Jinko Solar and also the new BYD battery HVC.
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