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Jinko’s energy storage systems: 3 systems for home

Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 13. February 2023
6 min. Reading time
Julius Lenk

In addition to solar panels, JinkoSolar also offers energy storage systems. There is already a high-voltage home storage system and a high-voltage hybrid inverter. What will come next? And with what product features?

Jinko Solar is so far known for its solar modules and especially those with the N-type technology. At Intersolar 2022, Jinko made a grand entry into the residential battery and inverter market with the launch of 3 variants of the Jinko Energy Storage System.

They include a split system consisting of a low voltage battery and a 3-phase hybrid inverter, a 1-phase all-in-one system, a high-voltage storage system and a high-voltage hybrid inverter. Let’s begin with the high voltage storage system and the high voltage hybrid inverter.

High-Voltage! High-Voltage!

The high-voltage storage system is stackable and the net storage capacity ranges from 7.10 kWh to 21.31 kWh.

More products in an overview:

Nominal battery energy7.10 kWh10.66 kWh14.20 kWh17.76 kWh21.31 kWh
Nominal Voltage192 V288 V384 V480 V576 V
Max. continuous charge/discharge capacity4.26 kW6.39 kW8.52 kW10.65 kW12.78 kW
Dimensions (W*H*D)504*380*700 mm504*380*900 mm504*380*1100 mm504*380*1300 mm504*380*1500 mm
Weight (Net)105 kg146 kg187 kg228 kg269 kg
No. of Batteries-Modules23456
Charge temperature range0~50 °C
Discharge temperature range-10-50 °C
Warranty10 years (> 6000 cycles)
Protection ClassIP54
Compatible invertersGoodWe

The high-voltage hybrid inverter introduces new performance classes to the hybrid sector. With 8 to 20 kVA, it is one of the powerful hybrid inverters on the market and can be used with up to 26 kWp in the 20 kVA version. Up to 2 strings can be connected to each of the two MPP trackers (4 in total). See the details below:

Jinko Hybrid HVJKS 8K - HVJKS 10K - HVJKS 12K - HVJKS 15K - HVJKS 20K - HV
Max. DC-input power (W)1040013000156001950026000
PV-nominal input voltage (V)10001000100010001000
MPPT-voltage range (V)200-850200-850200-850200-850200-850
PV-input current (A)20+2020+2026+2026+2026+26
Max. PV ISC (A)23+2323+2332+2332+2332+32
No. of MPPT trackers/Strings per MPPT2 / 12 / 12 / 2+12 / 2+12 / 2
AC-nominal power and UPS power (W)800010000120001500020000
Max. AC-output power (W)880011000132001650022000
AC output nominal current (A)
Max. AC continuity (A)80
Output-overvoltage protectionDC-Type II / AC-Type III
Protection ClassIP65
Warranty5 years

With an 80A shoot-through current, we see the product as a complete back-up power solution; it can even be used as an off-grid system. The high-voltage hybrid inverter also has an extra AC input to connect an external generator or a small wind turbine, for example. Together with the Jinko High Voltage Battery, the High Voltage Hybrid Inverter can work as a team.

Shared power

The upcoming low-voltage split system includes the JKS-B51100-GI stackable low-voltage storage device with a usable capacity of 4.6 kWh. It is modularly expandable. A total of 4 modules can be connected in parallel, resulting in a usable storage capacity of 18.4 kWh.

A lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is used in the system. At the cell level, anti-fire and heat dissipation materials have been used to prevent heat dissipation. See more product details here:

Jinko Niedervolt-BatterieJKS-B51100-GI
Usable capacity4.6 kWh
Rated voltage51.2 V
Rated  DC Power5 kW
Operation Temperature Range-30~55 °C
Max. parallel extension4 Packs (18.4 kWh)
Cycle life> 6000 cycles
Cell chemistryLiFePO4
Protection ClassIP65
Warranty10 years

The second part of the split system is the 3-phase hybrid inverter with 8, 10 or 12 kVA. It is equipped with the backup power light functionality and has an extra AC input for external generators such as a small wind turbine. Here you can find more facts:

Jinko Hybrid LVJKS 8K - LVJKS 10K - LVJKS 12K - LV
Max. DC input power (W)104001300015600
PV-nominal input voltage (V)550 (160~800)550 (160~800)550 (160~800)
MPPT-voltage range (V)200~650200~650200~650
PV-input current(A)13+1326+1326+13
Max. PV ISC (A)17+1734+1734+17
No. of  MPPT trackers/Strings per MPPT2/1+12/2+12/2+1
AC nominal power and UPS power (W)80001000012000
Max. AC output power (W)88001100013200
AC output nominal current (A)
Max. AC continuity (A)454545
Output-overvoltage protectionDC-Type II/AC-Type IIIDC-Type II/AC-Type IIIDC-Type II/AC-Type III
Protection ClassIP65IP65IP65
Warranty5 years5 years5 years

As an alternative to the 3-phase hybrid inverter, Jinko offers a single-phase version of its hybrid inverter with 3.6 or 5 kVA, which can be combined with the low-voltage battery.

A single system with a single enclosure:

In addition to the low-voltage and high-voltage combination, the JKS10.2K-5HLVS single-phase, DC-coupled, all-in-one system with a minimalist design is part of Jinko's energy storage systems. It is expected to be available in 2023.

The power output is 5 kW and the energy storage capacity is 10 kWh. The system can be expanded up to 6 systems. You should also know these product details:

Jinko All-in-one-System, 1-phasigJKS10.2K-5HLVS
AC-Power5 kW
Usable battery capacity9.216 kWh
Max. DC input power (W)6 kW
Cut-in voltage and MPPT voltage range (V)90 & 125-550
No. of MPPT tracker2
Maximum input current per MPPT (A)13
Max. short circuit current per MPPT (A)15
Cell chemistryLFP (LiFePO4)
Nominal battery voltage (V)51.2
AC output (back-up), max. output power (W)4600 W (4800 W 5 Min., 6000 W 5 s)
AC/DC overvoltage protectionDC-Type II; AC-Type III
Dimensions (W*H*D)623*170*1843 mm
Operation Temperature Range-20~+55 ℃
Protection ClassIP65 (inverter und battery box)

Monitoring and installation

All systems are designed to be plug and play for quick and easy installation and all the necessary components are included in the package. The monitoring platform is available in both browser and app versions. You simply start Jinko from the inverter's touch screen. You can connect it via the Internet or in a local mode where the inverter creates its own network.

With the Jinko Ress Cloud, you can see the energy flows, even in local mode. You can see how much PV is being produced, where the current power consumption is occurring (including the backup power consumption of the selected loads) and how the battery is loaded. You can also monitor the grid feed-in and grid supply consumption. You can also determine the total production of the system and the associated cost-saving. The app is available for both Android and Apple users.


Together with Jinko modules, Jinko energy storage systems can offer a complete PV system from a single manufacturer. The low-voltage batteries can be used together with the 3-phase hybrid inverter in the home or small business sector and especially where back-up power and/or an external power generator source is required.

The 1-phase system has a slim and elegant design that is well suited to residential use. The stackable high-voltage battery is an interesting alternative to comparable systems and is likely to revolutionise the market for expandable residential storage.

In summary

  • Jinko Solar now offers energy storage systems: a low-voltage system with hybrid inverter, a 1-phase all-in-one system and a high-voltage storage system with a high-voltage hybrid inverter up to 20 kVA.
  • The batteries together with the 3-phase hybrid inverters, provide backup power light and offer an external AC input.
  • The installation process is simplified to save time and effort.
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