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Solar modules 2022

Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 08. March 2022
4 min. Reading time
Magdalena Forchhammer
Magdalena Forchhammer

New year, new solar modules. Our module manufacturers have come up with great innovations this year. Below we present you our 2022 solar modules and their new features.

The newly founded Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action announced grand plans in January 2022. The goal is to gradually increase the installed PV capacity to 20 GW per year. In the period 2028 - 2030, the solar energy expansion should reach 20 GW per year. As a result, the demand for solar modules is rising and our manufacturers are adapting to this development. They are now offering plenty of new products, but also new guarantees and technologies. Here is an overview of all our manufacturers' updates and the new 2022 solar modules:

Jolywood: 1 solar module, 2 guarantees

For the new Jolywood 410 Wp black glass/glass solar module, the area of application is now decisive. Installing the module on the roof, Jolywood provides a product guarantee of 25 years. Should the module be placed on a ground-mounted system, you will be granted a product guarantee of 15 years. In both cases, the performance guarantee lasts 30 years. Other new features of the Jolywood solar module are the higher bifaciality factor and the reduced temperature coefficient. In addition, the NTopCon cells are very resistant to the LID effect.

JinkoSolar: Good price-performance ratio

The manufacturer JinkoSolar is expanding its product range with a new series of solar modules. The JinkoSolar N-Type Neo modules are available with either a black or a white backsheet and in various performance classes. For its 2022 solar modules, Jinko has opted for N-Type cells, which are more resistant to salt and ammonia and less sensitive to the LID/LeTID effect, in other words the light-induced degradation.

An overview of our new Jinko Tiger Neo 2022 solar modules:

ModulePower in WpBacksheet colour
JinkoSolar JKM365N-6TL3-B365black
JinkoSolar JKM370N-6TL3-B370black
JinkoSolar JKM380N-6TL3-V380white
JinkoSolar JKM410N-54HL4-B410black
JinkoSolar JKM415N-54HL4-V415white
JinkoSolar JKM420N-54HL4-V420white

SolarEdge: 2-in-1 module with S440 optimizer

One of the newest 2022 solar modules is the SolarEdge 360 Wp with a black frame and a black backsheet. This year, the manufacturer has also presented a new generation of optimizers. The new S440 optimizer is already integrated into the SolarEdge 360 Wp solar module. This will save you time during the installation process.

New generation of SolarEdge optimizers:

The new optimizers of the S series replace those of the P series. SolarEdge has improved the technology to allow the new optimizers to react in the event of faults or partial shading situations and to avoid the occurrence of electric arcs.

SolarFabrik: 30 mm frame thickness

The SolarFabrik Mono S4 410 Wp is also one of the newest 2022 solar modules. It offers a frame thickness of 30 mm, a black frame and a white backsheet. The new frame thickness has a positive effect on the transport, since it is now possible to ship 936 modules per container instead of the previous 780/806. SolarFabrik makes better use of the available space in the container and reduces this way the CO2 footprint per module.

For the half-cell module, SolarFabrik relies on the 10-busbar technology. More so-called busbars means more electron strings in the cells. This improves efficiency since more electrons can flow in the module. The manufacturer, headquartered in Germany, offers a product guarantee of 15 years and a performance guarantee of 25 years for its new module.

LONGi: New modules for open space projects

With a surface area of more than 2 m2, the two new LONGi modules are among the largest of our 2022 solar modules. In addition, the modules come with more power - 445 Wp and 450 Wp.

In Germany, you can only use them for ground-mounted systems, since you may not mount the high-power modules on roofs without building authority approval.

Meyer Burger: Premium service with the Meyer Burger app

With a new app, Meyer Burger now offers a mobile online premium service. Use the app to report damage or other malfunctions directly to Meyer Burger. Meyer Burger will then deliver a new module in just 48 hours.

This is how it works:

  • Download the Meyer Burger app from App Store or Google Play
  • Sign in as an installer
  • Register your module by scanning the QR code
  • Confirm the registration of your module by clicking on the link that Meyer Burger will send you by e-mail


Our manufacturers are coming up with a lot of innovations to reach the 20 GW target. For the new 2022 solar modules, there is a tendency towards a higher output power. The increased use of N-type cells and a frame thickness of 30 mm are also on top of the agenda. In addition, many manufacturers are offering longer warranties, as a demonstration of the high quality of their products. Moreover, with the expansion of renewable energies more and more manufacturers are opting for modules over 2 m2. The demand for black modules among end customers is increasing, which is why our manufacturers are increasing their production volumes in this area.


  • The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action wants to gradually increase the annual PV capacity to 20 GW.
  • Our manufacturers are responding with innovations, like:
    • For the new Tiger Neo series, JinkoSolar relies on N-type cells.
    • The new SolarFabrik Mono S4 410 Wp module is now available with a 30 mm frame thickness, which contributes to reduce the CO2 footprint per module.
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