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Mobile power with portable batteries from Energizer Hard Case Professional

Mobile power with portable batteries from Energizer Hard Case Professional
Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 06. September 2022
5 min. Reading time
Sebastian Beshiri
Sebastian Kepp

Portable batteries provide "mobile" power, that allows installers to charge work equipment anywhere. Energizer Hard Case Professional offers the Everest series with a variety of features. We took a closer look at portable batteries and Energizer products.

In short, portable batteries are like power banks, only with more storage capacity. Further, they usually have AC connections, USB sockets and sometimes less common connections. They can not only provide DC voltage, but also generate a 230 V AC grid just like at home.

Portable batteries can charge devices like smartphones, cordless screwdrivers and refrigerators. Other features of a portable battery can include charging acceleration, compatibility with solar panels, indicators for input and output power and apps for remote energy management.

Generally, NCM or LFP batteries are used as cell technology. Several monitoring sensors observe the temperature and ensure safety. For the service life of a battery, you can take a close look at the cell technology and the "cycles".

Here's how you should choose a portable battery

Capacity, portability, durability, and desired feature set will determine which portable battery ends up in your cart. In doing so, you should ask yourself:

  • How big and how heavy can the portable battery be?
  • For what do you want to use the battery and what capacity do you need?
  • How long do you want your battery to last?
  • What features and additional functions are important to you?

Mobile power in the life of an installer

As an installer, you don't just have installation spanners and pliers with you, but often also cordless screwdrivers, drills, Flex & Co, i.e. small battery-powered machines. With a portable battery, you can also charge these devices on the construction site if you run out of power. They also provide power for your smartphone, lights, laptop, drone or radio/music box. Small portable batteries should fit in any workshop vehicle.

After work, a mobile battery can be used for leisure activities such as camping, open-air cinema via a projector or for a mobile emergency power supply. Camping holidaymakers in particular can use a portable battery to power a mini-fridge, an electric barbecue or similar appliances.

For many cases: Energizer Hard Case Professional Everest Series

When it comes to portable battery, the Australian manufacturer offers the Energizer Hard Case Professional Everest series in various capacities. The Everest 500 offers 515 Wh, the Everest 1100 1166 Wh and the Everest 1800 1856 Wh capacity. They come with AC and DC, USB-A and USB-C inputs and outputs. Several consumer loads can be connected in parallel. You can decide which device gets power via the display. You can also see how much charging power is still available.

When the Energizer Hard Case Professional Everest is empty, you can charge it via a 12 V on-board power socket, a household power socket or via a foldable Energizer Sunpack module. The Everest 500 can be charged for about 9 hours from a wall socket until it is fully charged. The design of the Energizer Hard Case Everest is compact and robust. The weight ranges from 5.6 to 18.5 kg.

 CapacityInputs-/OutputsDimensionsWeightCharging time
Everest 500515 Wh1 x AC, 1 x DC (4 mm), 1 x DC- onboard voltage plug, 2 x DC (5.5 mm), 4 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C

260 x 172 x 171 mm


5.6 kg


9 h via power socket (adapter 19 V, 3.78 A, 72 W),

11 h via 12 V onboard voltage plug,

6.5 h via Sunpack 120 W

Everest 11001166 Wh2 x AC,1 x DC (6.3 mm), 1 x DC-onboard voltage plug, 2 x DC (5.5 mm), 4 x USB-A, 2 x USB-C

340 x 235 x 206 mm


12.3 kg


12 h via power socket

(adapter 24 V, 5 A, 120 W),

12-23 h via 12 V board voltage plug,

14.5 h via Sunpack 120 W,

9.5 h via Sunpack 180 W

Everest 18001856 Wh2 x AC,1 x DC (6.3 mm), 1 x DC-onboard voltage plug, 2 x DC (5.5 mm), 4 x USB-A, 2 x USB-C

340 x 231 x 276 mm


18.5 kg


12 h via power socket

(adapter 30 V, 6.66 A, 200 W),

20-40 h via 12 V onboard plug,

23 h via Sunpack 120 W,

15.5 h via Sunpack 180 W

Foldable: The Energizer Hard Case Sunpack solar module

The Energizer Hard Case Sunpack 120 Wp and Sunpack 180 Wp modules can sustainably charge portable batteries on the go. Both modules are monocrystalline and have an ETFE coating. It makes the module robust and flexible. You can unfold the modules and fold them up again after use. The 180 W module has the dimensions 2165 x 542 x 7 mm when unfolded and 595 x 542 x 40 mm when folded. You connect the module to the Everest battery with a connecting cable. For inputs and outputs, you will find a USB-A, USB-C and DC connector on the module.


The march of electrification is increasing personal power needs at every turn. Portable batteries make on-the-go charging possible and are ideal when more power is needed and a power bank is no longer enough. When choosing the right battery, you should consider capacity, portability, durability and other features.

The field of application for mobile storage systems is diverse. Installers can use them to charge their devices on the construction site or to provide power to the devices like radio/music box. The Energizer Hard Case Professional Everest comes with up to 1856 Wh capacity and AC, DC, USB-A and USB-C input and output ports. With the foldable Energizer Hard Case Sunpack modules, the battery can be recharged anywhere.

In summary

  • Portable batteries provide power on the go and can not only output DC voltage but also provide a 230 V AC grid.
  • For installers, portable batteries can make worksite life easier
  • The Energizer Hard Case Professional Everest battery and Sunpack modules provide compact and secure energy via sliding inputs and outputs.
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