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The Energizer Solar Ecosystem: Mr. Energizer in conversation

The Energizer Solar Ecosystem: Mr. Energizer in conversation
Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 19. July 2022
3 min. Reading time
Franziska Kopp
Franziska Kopp

Who doesn’t know him? More than a battery, Mr Energizer is the face of the world-renowned brand. He stands for performance and longevity. He goes through the world with plenty of energy, questioning things and promoting improvements. He also knows a lot about the new Energizer® Solar storage systems launched in Europe and gives us an overview.

Which products does Energizer Solar offer?

Energizer Solar offers a complete PV ecosystem and is entering the market in Germany and 28 other European countries with the modular high-voltage storage system Powerstack and the 3-phase Force HT inverter. The Energizer Hardcase Professional Everest series of portable batteries is also available now. You can charge them on the go with the foldable Sunpack module with up to 180 Wp power. An Energizer wallbox and Energizer modules will be launched soon. The Energizer Solar products are available exclusively at Memodo.

What distinguishes this storage system?

The Energizer Powerstack is available in two variants: with a battery module capacity of 2.9 kWh and a capacity of 4.03 kWh. In total, the 4.03 kWh variant gives you a maximum storage capacity of 28.21 kWh. The 2.9 kWh variant has a higher charging and discharging capacity. The 11.6 kWh energy storage system with the Powerstack 2.9 is one of the most interesting product for your customers.

Lithium iron phosphate cells are installed, which are safe. The system consists of at least one main unit and one sub-unit. At the time of installation, you stack the battery modules on top of each other without wiring. The heaviest part weighs 40 kg. The energy storage system can be placed indoors and, with IP65, also outdoors. The data can be monitored in the Energizer app for iOS and Android. Energizer gives a 10-year guarantee on the battery.

What makes the hybrid inverter different?

Energizer offers 3-phase inverters with 8, 10 and 12 kVA with the Force HT series. I've seen that the hybrid inverter with 12 kVA wins in terms of size at Memodo. With these devices, you can build up backup power light and therefore a switching device is also integrated. The system switches over in less than 20 ms. With 2 MPP trackers, 3 strings can be operated.

You can mount the inverter on the wall. Remote monitoring is possible via the Energizer app. The Force HT inverters are compatible with the Energizer high-voltage battery. Energizer also gives a 10-year warranty on the inverter.

What's the story behind Energizer and Energizer Solar?

Energizer is the pioneer of the battery industry. In 1896, Energizer produced the first battery for the consumer goods market. The invention by W.H. Lawrence powered private telephones that time. It weighed 1.5 kg. The first alkaline battery also came from Energizer, or Eveready at the time. It was followed by the first rechargeable battery system, as well as the first mercury-free battery and then the first AA lithium battery in 1992.

Today, Energizer is present in 140 countries. In 2018, Energizer Solar was launched in Australia. In Europe, 8starenergy distributes the Energizer and Eveready products, first and foremost Energizer Solar.

Who are you?

I embody energy and stand for performance and longevity. Many also see me as the spirit of the Energizer brand. I love challenges, I'm up for anything and always ready for a showdown. There is no such thing as "standing still" with me. In doing so, I always move at eye level - that is particularly important to me. I started this journey since 1995.

In Summary

  • Energizer Solar offers a complete PV ecosystem and is now entering Germany and 28 other European countries.
  • It enters the market with the high-voltage storage system, the 3-phase hybrid inverter, the Everest series and a foldable solar module.
  • Energizer is the pioneer of the battery industry, introducing the first battery in 1896. Mr. Energizer brings the brand to life and stands for performance and longevity.

Cover Photo: ©2022 Energizer. Energizer and the Mr. Energizer design are trademarks of Energizer Brands, LLC and related subsidiaries

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