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Store, Store, Store: The Goodwe Lynx Home F High-Voltage Storage System is here

Store, Store, Store: The Goodwe Lynx Home F High-Voltage Storage System is here
Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 08. July 2022
4 min. Reading time
Marcel Melle
Marcel Melle

New GoodWe high-voltage storage system: With the Lynx Home F, GoodWe has launched a new storage system series on the market and has expanded its existing portfolio with a high-voltage varient. We introduce you to the new product series.

The new GoodWe high-voltage storage system Lynx Home F is stackable and consists of a central Power Control Unit (PCU), battery modules and a base. The size varies between 2 and 5 battery modules, the usable energy storage capacity ranges from 6.6 to 16.4 kWh. You can use the GoodWe high-voltage battery for emergency and backup power. It comes with a 10-year product and performance guarantee.

The Lynx Home F Series is compatible with the ET Series (3-phase hybrid inverter), the EH Series (1-phase hybrid inverter) as well as the BH Series (1-phase) and BT Series (3-phase) battery inverters.

The brain of the battery

The PCU is the control centre of the battery. It weighs 25 kg and has an LED display that indicates the charging status and error messages. The PCU has an integrated master battery management system (BMS). It registers the communication of the individual battery modules in the battery tower and records the data. The integrated separator can interrupt the circuit to the inverter - if necessary.

The PCU is designed in such a way, that you can interconnect several batteries. This will probably be possible by the end of this year.

GoodWe Lynx Home U and Home F comparison

In autumn 2021, the Lynx Home U low-voltage battery was launched. The 48 V battery is only made for 1-phase projects, the Lynx Home F is however compatible with 1- and 3-phase systems. Also, you can install Lynx Home U via plug-and-play. The differences still exist:


Lynx Home U 
(48 V / Low-Voltage)

Lynx Home F 

Battery TypeLiFePO4 (Lithium-iron-Phosphate)LiFePO4 (Lithium-iron-Phosphate)
Usable Energy4.8 – 28.8 kWh6.6 − 16.4 kWh
Design/ModularUp to 6 Batteries connected in parallelStackable system / 2-5 battery modules each
Discharge Power2.88 − 5.76 kW5.8 – 14.52 kW
Operating Voltage Range48 – 57.6 V182.4 – 576 V
Protection ClassIP 65IP 55
Weight57 kg

PCU: 25 kg

Battery Module: 43 kg

Base: 4 kg

Warranty5 years product and 10 years of performance guarantee10 years of product and performance guarantee
System CouplingGoodWeGoodWe
CompatibilitiesEM-, ES und SBP-SeriesET-, EH-, BH- und BT-Series

The possible compatibilities of the GoodWe high-voltage storage system

The GoodWe Lynx Home F with 2-5 battery towers can be combined with the GoodWe ET plus series. The ET Plus series has a battery voltage range of 600 Vmax. A tower with 5 battery modules has an operating voltage range of 456-576 V and therefore fits the ET plus series. The same applies to the BT series.

You can connect the inverters of the GoodWe EH series (1-phase) with one battery tower and max. 4 battery modules of the GoodWe high-voltage storage. The battery voltage range of the EH series is 460 Vmax. The Lynx Home F with 4 battery modules has a battery voltage range of 365-461 V, which is the same as the EH series. This is also the case with the BH series.

System Installation and Start up:

You install the GoodWe high-voltage storage system via plug-and-play without additional parameterisation of the individual battery modules. The battery modules have built-in handles that you can use to stack the modules on top of each other. One module weighs 43 kg. Additional wiring between the modules is not necessary. To establish the communication, connect the existing communication cable (BMS cable) of the GoodWe inverter directly to the PCU.

The battery cable (diameter: 6 mm²) is used for power transmission between the inverter and the PCU. You also need a PE cable for earthing the battery and the inverter; it is not included in the package. Then connect the hybrid or battery inverter and the battery via the GoodWe PV Master App. Get more details in the GoodWe installation video.


With the Lynx Home F high-voltage battery, GoodWe edges a good deal closer to the all-in-one solution and delivers an attractive first high-voltage storage system. The battery is space-saving as well as powerful and scores with a simple plug-and-play installation. It is compatible with the existing ET and EH hybrid inverter series. Retrofitting with battery modules is not yet planned; a parallel connection of several battery towers is under preparation.

In Summary

  • The GoodWe high-voltage storage system provides up to 16.4 kWh of usable energy. The battery modules are stackable and together with the inverter, the entire system is capable of emergency and backup power.
  • The Lynx Home F is ideal for 1-phase and 3-phase PV systems and differs significantly from the 48 V Lynx Home U storage system.
  • The installation works via plug-and-play. For commissioning, you use the GoodWe PV Master App.
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