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GoodWe commercial inverters: High performance for high-performing companies

GoodWe commercial inverters High performance for high-performing companies
Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 09. January 2024
5 min. reading time
Marcel Melle
Marcel Melle

It's hard to imagine the photovoltaic market without the name GoodWe: the manufacturer has already installed a capacity of 52 GW. You probably already know their products from the residential sector as being powerful and reliable inverters – the electricity storage inspection by HTW Berlin recently confirmed this fact once again. The PV and storage experts are now also serving the commercial sector with their GoodWe commercial inverters. What do the SMT and HT series from GoodWe offer?

The right size for every business

GoodWe's product portfolio covers a wide range of inverters, ranging from 0.7 to 250 kW. In the commercial segment, they offer commercial inverters with an AC output of 25 – 250 kW. The SMT and HT series are particularly interesting. 

GoodWe SMT series commercial inverters are suitable for all projects with an AC output of up to 135 kW, as the inverter is only approved for the German VDE low-voltage application rule "generating plants on the low-voltage grid" (VDE-AR-N 4105). If your project is one size larger, it is best to use the HT 1100 V series, which can be used in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4105 and the VDE-AR-N 4110 application rule for medium-voltage grids. You can find all the important key figures here: 

 SMT series HT series (1100 V) 
AC power in kW 25 – 60 100 – 120 
Number of MPPT 3 – 6 10 – 12 
Number of strings per MPPT 
Max. input current per string (A) 15 15 
Max. short-circuit current per string (A) 37.5 45 
DC/AC overvoltage protection type 2 yes yes 
Integrated section switch for central mains and system protection yes yes 
Connection to radio ripple control receiver Via EzLogger Pro or SEC1000 Via EzLogger Pro or SEC1000 
VDE-AR-N 4105 yes yes 
VDE-AR-N 4110 yes 

How about a little more? GoodWe commercial inverters in series connection

GoodWe commercial inverters are also suitable for large projects or an installation with potential for expansion. This is possible because the inverters can be easily interconnected to form a larger system via a data interface based on the RS485 standard. If your project requires an input voltage of 1500 V, GoodWe has the right product in its range in the form of the HT 1500 V models, which offer an output voltage of 800 V.

Robust performance and flexible design from GoodWe

The GoodWe commercial inverters score above all with their high input current of 15 A per string. This makes them future proof, because you can also implement PV projects with modern high-performance modules. Due to the high number of Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT), the inverters are perfectly suited for a wide variety of string designs. Even complex roof shapes are well covered with up to 6 (SMT) or 12 (HT) MPPT in the truest sense of the word. 

With central grid and system protection, which is required from 30 kVA, an external section switch is no longer necessary. Instead, the function of the tie breaker is integrated directly into the device in these GoodWe commercial inverters. This allows them to communicate directly with the grid and system protection monitor at the grid connection point.

Monitoring takes place conveniently remotely via the GoodWe SEMS portal

The GoodWe commercial inverters in action – project examples for you

As you can see, GoodWe commercial inverters are suitable for a wide variety of application scenarios due to their well-thought-out design. Via RS485 interconnection of the inverters, you can implement large ground-mounted systems as required. But they also show their strengths for rooftop systems from small businesses to large industrial complexes: In the sector for smaller businesses, you can also efficiently install smaller rooftop systems using the SMT 25 kW series. In addition, both the SMT and HT series are compatible with the GoodWe ET 15-30 hybrid inverter series and battery inverters from the BTC series – ideal for combined storage solutions. 

What's to come – a look at the world of GoodWe 

In the future, GoodWe's commercial inverters will receive the VDE-AR-N 4110 certificate. This primarily applies to the SMT series. Among the energy storage solutions in the commercial segment, the manufacturer is introducing the ETC/BTC 100 kW hybrid/battery inverter. Last but not least, the GoodWe Lynx C outdoor storage system is being added. As a result, GoodWe offers a comprehensive product portfolio for the commercial sector. 


In addition to the residential sector, GoodWe is also increasingly present in the commercial sector with its energy storage solutions. With the SMT series for 25–60 kW and the HT series for 100–120 kW, there are suitable products that can be used in both the low-voltage and medium-voltage systems, depending on the model. The GoodWe commercial inverters impress with their high input current and the high number of MPP trackers. 


  • GoodWe commercial inverters cover a wide range of 25-120 kW AC power with the SMT and HT series. 
  • The inverters are characterized by a high input current of 15 A per string and a large number of MPPT (up to 6 and 12 respectively). 
  • GoodWe's commercial segment is growing steadily, and the brand is just as interesting for small businesses as it is for large ground-mounted systems. 
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