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Solis hybrid inverter = efficiency booster?

Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 17. November 2022
5 min. Reading time
Julius Lenk

Solis is our new inverter manufacturer with a primary focus on string inverters. They are also a market player in the home-storage segment and are launching a new 3-phase hybrid inverter, the Solis S6 Hybrid Inverter. Here's what you should know about the product.

The Solis S6 3-phase high-voltage hybrid inverter offers 3 or 4 MPP trackers, which makes the module configuration more flexible. Thus, up to 4 strings can be placed and the maximum output can be extracted from the system. The manufacturer developed MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm can achieve 99.1% maximum conversion efficiency.

You can also activate the arc-fault detection interrupter (AFCI). If arcs occur within a PV string, the PV system shuts down for fire protection.

With 16 A input current, the inverter is compatible with the latest high-power solar modules and can effectively use the generated current. The max. short-circuit current (Isc) is 24 A. This must always be higher than that of the module.

In the dark

The hybrid inverter has an inbuilt switchover device for backup power; therefore, the selected electrical devices are supplied with the emergency power, in the event of a grid failure. We are referring here "backup power light". Apart from this, the hybrid inverter is also black-start capable and can increase the battery level to a certain extent in the event of a grid failure and during the low sunlight days. The hybrid inverter also supports solar recharging, in which the battery continues to be charged during the grid failure in order to supply electricity to the appliances.

With a charging and discharging capacity of 25 and 50 A respectively, the current flows quickly into and out of the battery. It supports up to 10 inverters in parallel. Let us know the other features of this hybrid inverter:

Solis hybrid inverter5 K6 K8 K10 K
AC-rated power5 kW6 kW8 kW10 kW
No. of MPP-Tracker / String-connections in total3/34/4
Network connection3-phase
Energy storage from PV invertersyes
Max. power in emergency power operation8 kVA, 60 s9.6 kVA, 60 s12.8 kVA, 60 s16 kVA, 60 s
Number of battery connections1
Max. charging/discharging power*5 kW6 kW8 kW10 kW
Arc-fault detection interrupter (AFCI)Yes*
Scope of delivery
  • 4 PV stabil plug MC4 (4-6mm2)
  • 1 Battery connector (10-16mm2)
  • 1 AC mains plug (short)
  • 1 AC fuse plug (long)
  • Mounting bracket and screws
  • Eastron SDM630MCT energy meter with 3 current transformers
  • 8 RJ45 connectors
  • 1 Bluetooth antenna
  • Wifi-Module
Protection classIP66
Weight32.6 kg
Warranty5 years
Anticipated battery compatiblities

*Can be enabled during the commisioning.

Installation & commissioning of the Solis hybrid inverter

The wall bracket for the installation is included in the package. Attach it to the wall. A distance of 0.5 m between the inverter and the battery should be maintained.

The package also includes the 3-phase smart meter with 3 current transformers as well as a WiFi module for commissioning. The SolisCloud app is required for the installation. It is also possible to carry out the commissioning via Bluetooth. During the initial setup, you set the working modes, the time, the grid code, the battery options and the meter options. Monitoring can be done using the SolisCloud and you will also get a system designer there.

Also in the portfolio: PV inverters

In addition to the hybrid inverters, Solis also offers a range of PV-inverters from 0.6-255 kW. The inverters have the AFCI functionality and are compatible with the latest high-performance solar modules.

The PV inverters for residential sector have a compact design and are light weight, which vary between 17.8 and 20 kg. The DC/AC ratio of these inverters is more than 150 %. Moreover, the installation and maintenance of the PV inverters are relatively easy. Just like the hybrid inverters, Solis PV inverters are remotely controllable with the SolisCloud app. Solis PV inverters have special safety features with the automatic voltage stabilisation technology to protect against the grid failures.

The top player in Asia

Solis was established in China in 2005 and is part of the Ginlong Technologies. They manufacture products for all areas of the solar market and offer string inverters for the residential and commercial sectors worldwide. In the Asian market, they rank #1 among inverter manufacturers and they also sell 1-phase and 3-phase inverters in large quantities internationally. Since 2015, Ginlong inverters have been used on the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Solis is aware of its social responsibility. They work on product design, supply chain management, waste management and energy consumption. In terms of product design, they take an ecological design approach. Environment friendly materials should replace or reduce harmful substances. Technical changes result in less material use. All industrial solid waste is recycled.


The Solis hybrid inverters are not only new to us but also to Europe. What we find exciting about them are the 3 MPP trackers in the 5 and 6 kW class and the 4 MPP trackers in the 8 and 10 kW class, with which you can explore more and install 4 strings with a single inverter. We think here directly of the very popular Tuscany roof with 4 different roof surface orientations. With 16 A input current, the 3-phase Solis hybrid inverter is geared to the trend towards high-performance modules. In future, we would like to see an SG-Ready interface to connect a heat pump.

In summary

  • Solis enters the European market and introduces, among other things, the hybrid inverter S6.
  • The S6 Hybrid inverter comes with 3 or 4 MPP trackers, a high input current, AFCI (arc-fault detection interrupter)  functionality and a switchover device for backup power light.
  • In addition, there is a whole range of string inverters, from small to very large size.
  • For commissioning and monitoring, you use the SolisCloud app or SolisCloud.
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