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Big, bigger, GoodWe ET Series 15−30

Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 22. November 2022
6 min. Reading time
Marcel Melle
Marcel Melle

The current trend in solar market is towards ever larger and more powerful photovoltaic systems. In order to meet this global demand, GoodWe has upgraded its ET series hybrid inverters not only with a higher AC power class but also with a switchover device that enables backup power. The GoodWe ET series 15-30 include these features.

Since the EEG 2021, a significantly higher amount of electricity for self-supply has been exempted from the EEG surcharge. Previously, the maximum installation output for this was 10 kWp. This was then raised to 30 kWp with the amendment of the EEG.

In September 2022, photovoltaic systems up to 30 kWp were exempted from the income tax. This means that the legal course is now set for the very economical operation of larger solar systems in the private household sector. This encouraged manufacturer to introduce the ET 15-30 series to the market.

ET series 15-30 in facts

The GoodWe hybrid inverters are available in 15, 20, 25 and 29.9 kVA. Depending on the size, up to 3 MPP trackers are available. The 29.9 kVA version of ET series is currently the largest hybrid inverter available in Europe. GoodWe offers the 29.9 kVA variant in the European market, since the central grid and power system protection is mandatory after 30 kVA.

The ET series is particularly suitable for large private houses and small commercial units. It comes with the type 2 DC overvoltage protection as well as a 3-phase smart meter and a WiFi module. The warranty period is for 5 years and it can be extended up to 10 years.

The device can be used for sector coupling: It can control SG-Ready-capable heat pumps via the dry contact. Those who want to control the GoodWe EV charger or a charging station from any other manufacturer can also do so via the dry contact. Programming is done via the PV Master app.

Apart from this, the GoodWe ET series 15-30 has a peak shaving functionality. Smaller commercial enterprises can thus limit peak loads and reduce the grid usage charges. With this functionality, this inverter is the only one of its kind in its power class.

It is also suitable for high-voltage batteries. The hybrid inverter is compatible with the GoodWe Lynx Home F Plus+ and the BYD Battery-Box Premium HVM/HVS. For the parallel connection of 2 to 3 BYD battery towers, you will also need a BYD combiner box, depending on the power of the hybrid inverter. The number of battery inputs of the ET series plays a role here. The ET hybrid inverter with 25 and 29.9 kVA has 2 independent battery inputs. The 15 and 20 kVA hybrid inverters, on the other hand, only have one input. Possible combinations with the GoodWe ET 15-30 series and the BYD HVM/HVS:

The highest capacity of up to 260 kWh is achieved by the hybrid inverter and the GoodWe Lynx Home F Plus. For this combination, no combiner box is required for parallel connection. The GoodWe Lynx Home F Plus will be available in our shop at the beginning of 2023.

The weight of the inverter ranges between 48 to 54 kg, depending on the device size. Installation is easy via plug-and-play. You can use the PV Master app for commissioning. The SEMS portal is used for monitoring. These product features are part of the GoodWe ET series 15-30:

GoodWe Hybrid-InverterGW15K-ETGW20K-ETGW25K-ETGW29.9K-ET
Grid connections3-phase
AC power15 kVA20 kVA25 kVA29.9 kVA
Emergency power15 kVA20 kVA25 kVA29.9 kVA
MPP trackers2233
Max. input current per MPPT30 A
Max. short-circuit current per MPPT38 A
Battery charging and discharging current50 A50 A2 x 50 A2 x 50 A
Communication mediumsRS485, CAN, WLAN, Bluetooth
Weight48 kg48 kg54 kg54 kg
Dimensions660 x 520 x 220 mm (H x W x D)
Protection classIP66
Warranty5 Years, extension up to 10 years

Without the grid power

The new GoodWe ET series also has a “backup power light” function with an uninterrupted switching time of less than 10 ms. If the mains supply fail, the selected light sources will not flicker. Up to 10 kW power per phase can be supplied to the selected consumer. The emergency power corresponds to the rated power and the complete switchover device is integrated. With a commercial switchover device, you can even achieve a fully-fledged backup power supply.

The inverter can also perform solar recharging and is black-start capable. After the collapse of the emergency power grid, e.g. if the battery is completely discharged or due to the consumer overload, the inverter can start up again if the battery can supply power again. The battery is charged here via solar recharging.

For high-power solar modules

According to a report by Trendforce for second quarter of 2022, photovoltaic modules and cells are getting bigger in size now and thereby producing higher power. This trend will continue to grow in the future. To meet these demands, GoodWe has created a maximum input current of 30 A per MPPT, 15 A input current for 2 strings and a short-circuit current of 38 A per MPPT. The dimensions of the solar system can be increased by 150%.


The extensive power range of the GoodWe ET series 15-30 with 15 to 29.9 kVA is an absolute newcomer in the residential sector, which could not have been tailored better to the needs of the time. This means that the range of large private electrical appliances as well as smaller commercial devices can be ideally served with this. GoodWe can also fulfil the needs of high-power modules with the ET series 15-30. With an ET hybrid inverter, you can implement systems up to 45 kWp.

In addition, a switchover device for “backup power light” is also integrated. I am also impressed by its compatibility with the BYD batteries and the GoodWe Lynx Home F, the higher battery power, and the dry contact for the easy sector coupling.

In summary

  • The GoodWe ET series 15-30 comes with many exciting features such as dry contact, backup power light with solar recharging as well as peak shaving.
  • The 29.9 kVA unit is the largest hybrid inverter in Europe.
  • The hybrid inverter is suitable for high-power modules with 30 A input current per MPPT.
  • It is compatible with the Lynx Home F Plus+ and BYD HVS/HVM energy storage systems. Storage units with up to 260 kWh battery capacity can be connected.
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