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Kostal Plenticore G3 – The next generation

Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 14. May 2024
5 min. Reading time
Niklas Henker
Niklas Henker

Kostal means innovation and versatility. As the successor of the Plenticore G2 series, the new Kostal Plenticore G3 inverter incorporates many new features: Kostal G3 takes flexibility to a new level, since you can adapt it exactly to your customers’ individual needs. Right now, size L is the only available option. In this article we will show you what the 3rd generation of Kostal inverters has to offer.

More power with the Kostal Plenticore G3

Der Plenticore G3 ist wie seine Vorgänger vollgepackt mit innovativen Features: Integrierter DC-Überspannungsschutz, 3 MPP-Tracker und ein integrierter Datenlogger zur Überwachung der PV-Anlage. Erstmals bietet er mit dem Kostal Plenticore G3 BackUp Switch auch eine optionale 3-phasige Notstrom-Fähigkeit. Der Wechselrichter kommt zuerst in der Variante L auf den Markt, die 15–20 kW Leistung bietet und damit an die Obergrenze des Plenticore G2 anschließt. So kannst du auch größere Projekte – etwa – im Gewerbebereich – mit Kostal umsetzen. Die Varianten M und S folgen im Sommer 2024.

Like the previous Plenticore series, the G3 is a pure PV inverter. By using Kostal Plenticoins, you can activate the battery function and turn it into a hybrid inverter.

Kostal PLENTICOIN: Tailor-made solutions for the inverter

The greatest strength of the Plenticore G3 is its exceptional flexibility, made possible by the new Kostal PLENTICOINs: With PLENTICOINs from Kostal you can flexibly activate all functions and power upgrades of the Plenticore G3 according to your needs. It works like a universal voucher: The digital PLENTICOIN is issued as a QR code via e-mail. Unlike previous activation codes, it is only assigned to serial numbered devices when the coin is activated. The number of PLENTICOINs required for an upgrade depends on the type and scope of the upgrade. A power upgrade from 15 to 17.5 or from 17.5 to 20 kW costs one PLENTICOINs each, while the battery upgrade requires 3 PLENTICOINs. The Kostal PLENTICOIN allows you to continuously upgrade and adapt the inverter to new requirements after installation, without having to install a new device.

Powerful, Flexible, Smart: Advantages of the Plenticore G3

The Plenticore G3 combines high power with versatility and smart features:


  • The Plenticore G3 L provides 15-20kW power when needed.
  • It also includes an emergency power function: The need for backup power is constantly increasing. The Plenticore G3 L, together with the Kostal Plenticore G3 BackUp Switch, offers the option of manually switching from power grid to solar power generated from one’s own photovoltaic system. This allows the household to be supplied in all 3 phases in the event of a power outage.


  • The inverter is ‘SG Ready’ – SG stands for ‘Smart Grid’, making it compatible with smart grids. With this capability, the Plenticore G3 can intelligently control other loads – from wallboxes to heat pumps for full sector coupling – reducing the load on the grid.
  • The Plenticore G3 also offers integrated, self-learning shadow management to constantly optimise the performance of the PV system.


  • With Kostal Plenticoins, you can unlock power and functionality upgrades whenever you need them. The possibility of upgrading the battery function, of using a wallbox or higher power classes makes the inverter suitable for almost any residential or small commercial application.
  • What’s more, if you install the inverter as a pure PV inverter, you’ll have 3 MPP trackers at your disposal. This allows the Plenticore G3 L to be flexible when designing roof layouts, for example for outbuildings or complex roof structures. If you choose to upgrade it to a hybrid inverter, one of the trackers will be used for the battery connection.
  • Last but not least, Kostal will expand the G3 product range in 2024 with the addition of the power classes S and M. Thanks to the integrated upgrade capability, made possible by the Kostal Plenticoins, the Plenticore G3 series will cover 9 different power classes.

Installation and Accessories for the Plenticore G3

As with its predecessors, installation of the G3 Series is quick and easy. Its compatibility with suitable battery systems is preserved. With some Kostal accessories you will make the Plenticore G3 even more flexible:

  • Kostal Plenticore G3 BackUp Switch
    With the manual KOSTAL G3 BackUp Switch, it is possible to keep the entire household will be supplied with power even during a power outage. The BackUp Switch is compatible with all domestic connections designed for up to 63 A and all Plenticore G3 inverters. It can be installed in the existing sub-distribution or separately.
  • Kostal Plenticore G3 DC Surge Protection Type 2
    The DC overvoltage module effectively protects the inverter from external overvoltages. The module can also be easily retrofitted by simply plugging it directly into the inverter.


With the Plenticore G3, the inverter experts have launched a new generation of powerful and flexible inverters. The new Plenticore G3 offers higher power levels, 3 MPP trackers and the emergency power function. Thanks to the new Kostal Plenticoins system, it can be upgraded flexibly and gradually – whether for repowering projects or improved sector coupling.


  • The Kostal Plenticore G3, with its flexibility and the Kostal Plenticoins, is designed to meet all requirements.
  • With a capacity of 15-20 kW, the Plenticore G3 L, the first model of the series, enables you to carry out large-scale projects.
  • With the Kostal G3 backup switch, the inverter also provides three-phase emergency power.
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