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Hollywood, Bollywood, Jolywood? Our manufacturer Jolywood wants to conquer the German Market

Hollywood, Bollywood, Jolywood? Our manufacturer Jolywood wants to conquer the German Market
Photovoltaic knowledge
Updated on 29. June 2022
4 min. Reading time
Magdalena Forchhammer
Magdalena Forchhammer

Who is Jolywood? Jolywood is the leading manufacturer of bifacial N-type cells and backsheets. After a close inspection, we introduce you to their innovative N-type modules. Additionally, we talk about their existing presence in Europe and what makes it so exciting for PV ground-mounted projects.

Manufacturer info: Jolywood in 72 words

With a production of 3 GW per year, the Chinese manufacturer Jolywood is the world leader in the production of N-type solar cells and modules. At the same time, the tier-1 manufacturer is the largest producer of module backsheets, with a 30% market share. With Munich Re, Jolywood has a strong and reliable reinsurance partner at its side. The first multi-MW PV open-space projects have already been implemented in Europe and Germany.

Cell technology - bifacial N-type modules

In contrast to the widely used P-type technology, the silicon surface of N-type cells is doped with phosphorus. The cells are therefore not susceptible to the boron-oxygen defect, thus avoiding the light-induced degradation (LID). Both have a positive effect on the service life and efficiency of the modules. Moreover, N-type cells are less susceptible to metallic contamination of the silicon. Another advantage of the N-type cells is the lower temperature coefficient. The production of N-type cells is usually expensive. Also, there are fewer usable economies of scale. Jolywood uses the patented NTOPCon cell technology for its modules.

In bifacial modules, sunrays are absorbed from both sides. This is typical for these modules, therefore generating more revenue and a wide range of applications. Also, there are less line resistances, which means less heat loss.


Normally, a module consists of 60 cells. Dividing the module into 120 half cells has various advantages. These become clear in the case of partial shading. For example, if a shadow falls on the lower half of the module, the upper half can still produce energy at full capacity, thus increasing the overall revenue.


Jolywood combines these 3 technologies in its products. The N-type cells promise an exceptionally long service life and high efficiency thanks to the phosphorus used. This is particularly evident in the high efficiency of our Jolywood modules, which is about 21%. You will find in our shop Jolywood 390 W bifacial glass / glass module and Jolywood 410 W bifacial glass / glass, black module.

Below are the important product details:

ModuleJolywood 410 W bifacial
glass / glass, black
Jolywood 390 W bifacial
glass / glass
Power410 W390 W
Half-Cells108 monocrystalline half-cells120 monocrystalline half-cells
Dimensions*1722 x 1134 x 30 mm1756 x 1039 x 30 mm
Weight24.5 kg23.5 kg
Module ConnectorMC4 compatibleMC4 compatible

*New dimensions

Largest N-type solar park in Europe

In Europe, Jolywood is already present with an open-space PV project. Since 2019, Zonnepark Rilland BV in the Netherlands has been generating green PV-electricity. Equipped with 40,000 bifacial N-Type modules and a capacity of almost 12 MW, Zonnepark project is the largest of its kind in Europe. The ground-mounted PV project was planned together with a wind park in an area designated for renewable energy.

Investment security plays a significant role in the ground-mounted projects. With Munich Re as a partner, the investment risk can be minimised even for large projects. A reinsurance volume of over 100 MW per year can be used for PV parks starting a size of 2 MW.


Jolywood uses bifacial N-type modules and half-cut technology. This means you get high-performance modules that get the most out of the material even in low light conditions and partial shading. We particularly appreciate Jolywood's many years of experience with N-type cells, the high product quality and the good price-performance ratio.

Jolywood has a lot to offer in terms of financial power. The Chinese manufacturer is listed as a Tier 1 manufacturer by Bloomberg. Apart from this, Jolywood has a strong partner like Munich Re, which gives investors and project developers the necessary planning support and security. We therefore see Jolywood as a perfect addition to our module portfolio, playing a significant role especially in the ground-mounted PV sector.

In Summary

  • We currently offer Jolywood 390 W bifacial glass / glass module and Jolywood 410 W bifacial glass / glass, black module in our shop.
  • Our Chinese manufacturer offers bifacial, half-cut-modules and uses N-type technology. These 3 technologies combined stand for a long service life.
  • In Europe, there is already a parade-project with Jolywood modules: the Unisun Zonnepark Rilland BV in the Netherlands. Jolywood modules are ideal for ground-mounted PV projects.
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