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INTILION scalestac 100 kW, 308 kWh
INTILION scalestac 100 kW, 308 kWh
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INTILION scalestac 100 kW, 308 kWh

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INTILION scalestac 100 kW power and 308 kWh gross capacity The scalestac concept derives from... more
Battery type: High voltage LFP
Net capacity: 277,2 kWh
AC power: 100 kW
Schutzklasse: IP11
Warranty: 10 Jahre
Commercial storage type: Peak Shaving, Self-consumption, Time of use

INTILION scalestac 100 kW power and 308 kWh gross capacity

The scalestac concept derives from the large-scale storage sector and offers maximum flexibility and scalability. Scalestac is available from 25 kVA to 400 kVA and with a gross capacity between 154 kWh and up to approx. 1 MWh. Larger storage units are manufactured on a project-specific basis. The Intilion scalestac has been optimised for the best possible economic efficiency in all common applications (such as e-mobility, backup power, peak shaving, self-consumption optimisation, etc.). The scalestac power boost is another variant with high-performance cells. The scalestac power boost can obtain a discharge capacity of up to 2C and is used wherever high power is required for a short period of time.

Product advantages:

  • Mains backup with 33 % unbalanced load capability
  • All-in-one solution with battery, inverter and all peripherals
  • Directly ready for connection, as AC-coupled
  • Integrated energy management system for direct illustration of various applications
  • Open Modbus TCP/IP interface for integration into an existing EMS
  • Compatibility with existing energy management systems
  • Full service availability through cloud connection

Product features INTILION scalestac:

  • Nominal battery capacity: 308 kWh Li-ion battery
  • Usable battery capacity: 277,2 kWh
  • Nominal power: 100 kVA
  • Overload capacity in grid-forming operation: 125% for 10 min, 150% for 1 min
  • EMS - direct illustration of applications possible
  • Cloud connection - full service availability and monitoring
  • Backup and island capability
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Weight: 4.500 kg
  • Dimensions approx. 2 m x 6 mm x 1 m (H x W x D)
  • Product warranty: 5 years
  • Performance guarantee: 10 years

EMS options: 

  • Modbus protocol for integration into an own EMS
  • INTILION EMS incl. energy meter
  • Smart1 EMS incl. energy meter

Structure options:

  • INTILION training in Paderborn (minimum requirement!)
  • INTILION construction supervision
  • INTILION construction service