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reev Charging Solutions

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reev Connect setup kit with SIM card
reev Connect setup kit with SIM card Manufacturer: Reev Type designation: REEVCNSETUP Order number: 10138

reev Connect Compact AC license key
reev Connect Compact AC license key Manufacturer: Reev Type designation: REEVCNCOM01 Order number: 10131

reev Connect Pro AC license key
reev Connect Pro AC license key Manufacturer: Reev Type designation: REEVCNPRO01 Order number: 10135

reev-charging-solutionsRenowned e-mobility backend software provider reev is known for its reliable solutions for charging point billing and charging infrastructure integration. Photovoltaic system installers benefit from the company's many years of experience in the development and implementation of charging systems. With reev's innovative charging solutions, you can offer your customers customised and flexible e-mobility projects of any size and complexity.

Reev product range:

Reev has a diverse product portfolio specifically tailored to the needs of installers. From back-end smart charging solutions for public and semi-public charging points to advanced billing systems, reev charging solutions enable efficient and reliable e-mobility infrastructure for small and large systems.

The comprehensive product range of reev @ Memodo

By adding reev as a supplier of backup solutions to the Memodo online shop, we are further expanding our e-mobility division for you and you benefit from our fast delivery times. With reev products you can offer your customers complete e-mobility charging solutions and automate semi-public and public charging. Our range in the shop includes:

  • reev Connect Setup-Kit
  • reev Connect Compact AC licence key
  • reev Connect Pro AC licence key

Advantages of reev charging solutions for installers:

The backend provider offers you many advantages: In addition to many years of experience and expertise in the development and implementation of e-mobility solutions, reev stands out for its technical support. You can count on competent support for your charging infrastructure, whether it's installing the products or solving technical challenges. The manufacturer and its products help you to automate your processes. They can make it easier for the charging station operator to bill, or even fully automate the billing process. The effort is reduced - saving time and money.

Advantages of an e-mobility backend:

An e-mobility backend enables simple and efficient billing of charging points, optimises the management of the charging infrastructure and supports the integration with other systems, such as a PV system or a heating system. With a reliable e-mobility backend like reev, you offer your customers not only an efficient e-mobility infrastructure but also the best service.

Compatibility of reev products with other brands:

The reev charging solutions are highly compatible, so you can easily combine them with other brands, such as ABL, MENNEKES and KEBA, and integrate them into existing systems. With reev solutions, you can seamlessly integrate a wallbox, multiple wallboxes or one or more charging stations into an existing charging infrastructure or PV system while maintaining maximum flexibility. In this way, you create customised solutions for charging e-vehicles for your customers, which can be subsequently expanded without restrictions.
Several success stories and reference projects of the manufacturer prove the efficiency of the reev products. The backend provider for e-mobility offers you with the reev charging solutions:

  • High-quality products
  • Technical support
  • Training courses



What is an e-mobility backend and what role does reev play in it?

An e-mobility backend is a software platform that enables the management and billing of charging points for electric vehicles. Reev is a leading backend provider for e-mobility and offers comprehensive solutions for installers and users of charging points.

What are the advantages of using reev as a backend provider for e-mobility?

The use of reev as a backend provider for e-mobility offers you, among other things, simple system integration, automated billing processes, compatibility with various manufacturers, comprehensive technical support and user-friendly operation.

As an installer, how can I take over the billing for public and semi-public charging points with reev? 

As an installer, you can take over the billing for public and semi-public charging points with the reev setup kit. This allows you to set up the necessary infrastructure and benefit from the billing functions of reev.

What e-mobility backend products does reev offer? 

Reev offers the Setup Kit, the Compact Licence Key and the Pro Licence Key for backends. These products enable a complete e-mobility solution for installers and operators of charging points.

How easy is it to integrate reev products and which manufacturers are compatible? 

The installation and integration of reev is easy and user-friendly. The reev charging solutions are compatible with many manufacturers and offer you flexible integration options for charging stations such as a wallbox or charging points.

Does reev offer customised solutions for specific requirements in the field of e-mobility?

Yes, reev offers tailor-made solutions for specific e-mobility requirements. For complex requirements or individual projects, the reev support will help you with your tailor-made solution for charging electric vehicles.