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Commercial Storage

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SMA 3-phase package SI 8.0 & BYD LVL 46 kWh
SMA 3-phase package SI 8.0 & BYD LVL 46 kWh Manufacturer: BYD & SMA Order number: 5432
Battery type: 48 V LFP
AC power: 18 kW
Schutzklasse: IP20
Warranty: 10 Jahre
Commercial storage type: Self-consumption, Emergency power capable

commercial invertersCommercial storage systems for everyone! An increasing number of industrial and commercial companies are relying on local storage systems, whose efficiency and capacity are rapidly increasing. Companies optimize their own consumption with powerful commercial storage systems. In this way, they avoid peak loads, i.e. peak shaving, and make e-mobility possible. Alternatively, they use the systems for pre-charge accumulation. The emergency power functionality also gives many companies a good reason to buy a commercial storage system.

High life expectancy? High number of cycles? High overall efficiency? When choosing the right storage system, you should consider these factors. The safety concept of the storage system is also particularly important. The good news is, we have the right commercial storage system for every application.