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AIKO Solar Modules

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Aiko Neostar 2S AIKO-A455-MAH54Mb
Aiko Neostar 2S AIKO-A455-MAH54Mb Manufacturer: AIKO Solar Type designation: Neostar 2S Order number: 11514
Power: 455 Watt
Technology: xBC
Dimensions: 1757 × 1134 × 30 mm
Frame color: Black
Backsheet: Black

Aiko Black Hole Dual-glass AIKO-A445-MAH54Db
Aiko Black Hole Dual-glass AIKO-A445-MAH54Db Manufacturer: AIKO Solar Type designation: AIKO-A445-MAH54Db Order number: 10461
Power: 445 Watt
Technology: xBC
Dimensions: 1722 × 1134 × 30 mm
Frame color: Black
Backsheet: Black

Aiko Neostar 2S+ AIKO-A455-MAH54Db
Aiko Neostar 2S+ AIKO-A455-MAH54Db Manufacturer: AIKO Solar Type designation: Neostar 2S+ Order number: 11513
Power: 455 Watt
Technology: xBC
Dimensions: 1757 × 1134 × 30 mm
Frame color: Black
Backsheet: Black


The Asian company AIKO Solar, headquartered in China, develops and produces innovative PV technologies and is internationally recognized as the inventor of the N-type cell technology. AIKO is also a leading producer of solar wafers and launched its first in-house AIKO solar modules at the beginning of 2023. The range of high-quality solar modules is focused on efficiency, reliability, durability and innovation.

Modules by AIKO Solar

Equipped with advanced in-house developed solar cells and the latest technology, AIKO's photovoltaic modules achieve outputs of up to 460 Wp and are therefore particularly efficient. Their special feature is the high efficiency of over 23 % and their resistance to environmental conditions. The aesthetic of the modules is also unique on the market, since the AIKO's solar modules do not have any contacts on the front side.

With the All Back Contact technology (ABC technology), AIKO is introducing a new technology to the photovoltaic market. The innovative cells of the AIKO modules have no contacts on the front side, which is why shadows are no longer a problem. The risk of hotspots is greatly reduced, thereby ensuring safety and longevity. Thanks to the absence of contacts on the front side of the solar cell, the AIKO solar modules have a complete black design, which makes them aesthetically attractive.

All solar modules from AIKO (glass/glass modules and glass/foil modules) use the N-type ABC technology. The manufacturer offers two different series: the Black Hole series and the White Hole series. The difference between them is the foil on the back: the Black Hole modules are completely black, whereas the White Hole modules have a white foil on the back.

Areas of application of AIKO's solar modules

AIKO’s modules are suitable for both private and commercial photovoltaic systems. You can use the manufacturer's modules for photovoltaic systems on residential buildings, commercial buildings, for agricultural enterprises as well as for industrial application and much more.


The innovative features of these solar modules guarantee a reliable energy production, even in the most challenging conditions. AIKO solar modules have numerous advantages, such as:

High efficiency: AIKO's photovoltaic modules use an innovative technology, the new All-Back-Contact-Technology, to convert sunlight into renewable electricity in a highly efficient way.

  • Durability & Resistance: AIKO's solar modules are robust and can resist any environmental condition. This ensures a long-term and reliable sustainable energy production.
  • Cost savings: Solar energy can reduce energy costs and dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Sustainability: Solar modules generate electricity from renewable energy sources (solar energy) and help to reduce climate change.
  • Flexibility: The modules from the manufacturer AIKO are designed for a wide range of applications, from small residential systems to large commercial solar projects.
  • Quality: The manufacturer produces high-quality solar modules. The rigorous quality standards place AIKO's solar modules in the premium quality segment.
  • Cost-efficiency: The high power of AIKO's modules increases the cost-effectiveness of a solar system.

Technological innovations from AIKO Solar:

AIKO Solar stands for technological progress and innovation. AIKO has been working on the development of solar cells since 2009. Through continuous research and development, the manufacturer has been shaping the solar market for over 10 years. We have to be grateful to AIKO Solar for introducing well-known cell technologies such as PERC cells and bifacial cells. 

With its technologies, AIKO improves the light absorption of a module. Thanks to the optimized cell structure, sunlight can be converted into electrical energy more efficiently; the efficiency of the solar modules and their output per m2 increases.

Solar modules from AIKO are also particularly heat-resistant. The manufacturer uses special materials and construction techniques, making the solar modules less susceptible to power loss at high temperatures.