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Marzari metal roof plate - type concrete, brown
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Marzari metal roof plate - type concrete, brown

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Quick, efficient and safe - metal roof plates from Marzari Adjusting the roof tiles during... more

Quick, efficient and safe - metal roof plates from Marzari

Adjusting the roof tiles during roof hook installation is one of the most laborious and time-consuming steps for the PV system installer. Officially, the common flexing and tapping of the roof tiles is even expressly prohibited. This is a delicate situation for the craftsman, who is the last one to be responsible as a specialist in the trade. The solution is quite simple. The Marzari metal roof plates are available with a perfect fit and in the same colour for many tile types. In comparison, installation is easier, cleaner and faster. All overload problems in regions with heavy snowfall are also eliminated beforehand by replacing the lower tile before fixing the roof hook. Consequential damage due to tile breakage and water ingress is no longer a concern. The foam wedge included in the delivery prevents the penetration of rain and snow through the external-contour-related openings of the tile on top.

Product benefits

  • Innovative construction compensates roof loads in a broad range of tolerance
  • No tile breakage with Marzari metal roof plates
  • Made of metal - stands for installation quality and sustainability
  • No flexing and hammering necessary

Finish: brown, including foam wedge, suitable for tile type:

  • Bramac Dolomit - Bramac
  • Bramac Donau - Bramac
  • Bramac Montero - Bramac
  • Doppel-S - Braas
  • Europa - Eternit
  • Finkenberg tile - Nelskamp
  • Frankfurt tile - Braas
  • Göteborg - Creaton-Eternit
  • Harz tile - Braas
  • Heidelberg - Creaton Eternit
  • Heidelberg - Eternit
  • Crown tile - Nelskamp
  • Maxima** - Creaton
  • S-tile - Nelskamp
  • Sigma tile - Nelskamp
  • Taunus tile - Braas
  • etc.

Article image identical in type but may differ in colour.