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Jolywood 435 W bi-facial glass/glass
Jolywood 435 W bi-facial glass/glass
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Jolywood 435 W bi-facial glass/glass

  • Jolywood
  • JW-HD108N-435W
  • JW-HD108N-435W
  • 11067
  • DE12254353
  • 36 per pallet
  • 936 per container

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Jolywood 435 W bi-facial glass/glass module with attractive design The bifacial halfcut double... more
Power: 435 Watt
Technology: TOPCon
Dimensions: 1722 x 1134 x 30 mm
Frame color: Black
Backsheet: Transparent/white hatched

Jolywood 435 W bi-facial glass/glass module with attractive design

The bifacial halfcut double glass solar module in the 435 Watt version is built with J-TOPCon cells. The 16 busbar solar cells have a visually appealing design, making them ideal for mounting on private rooftops. In addition to the high efficiency of 22.27% and immunity to the light-induced degradation (LID) effect, the module is extremely powerful and best suited for diffuse sunlight.

The warranty period varies depending on the location of the modules. Warranty for roof systems: 25 years product and 30 years performance warranty. Warranty for ground-mounted systems: 15-year product and 30-year performance warranty.

When processed with Xinyi glass, the module complies with fire protection class A

Powerful due to J-TOPCon cell technology

The N-type cell, unlike the P-type, is doped with phosphorus during manufacture. Due to the use of phosphorus, N-Type cells are not susceptible to the light-induced degradation effect (LID) and show only minimal signs of wear even after years.

The patented J-TOPCon technology offers significantly improved diffuse light properties, higher bifaciality, lower temperature coefficient and reduced degradation.

Product advantages 

  • 108 mono-crystalline half cells
  • 0/+5 W positive power tolerance
  • No light induced degradation (LID)
  • Optimal low-light performance
  • 15 or 25 years product warranty (see note above)
  • 30 years linear power warranty

Product features Jolywood 435 W bifacial glass/glass, black

  • Power: 435 watts
  • Efficiency: 22.27 %
  • Module frame color: Black
  • Dimensions: 1722 x 1134 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 24.5 kg  
  • Original MC4 connector from Stäubli 
  • Cable length: 140 cm
  • Glass thickness: 2 mm each
  • Snow load: 2.400 Pa
  • Wind load: 5.400 Pa
  • Power temperature coefficient: -0.32 % / °C

About Jolywood

Jolywood Ltd. is a world leader in the production of N-type modules as well as cells and has a module production of 3 GW per year. Jolywood is a tier 1 manufacturer, which indicates strong financial position. The products are very efficient, innovative and have a very good price-performance ratio. The Chinese manufacturer is particularly interesting for commercial projects, as it has a strong and reliable reinsurance partner in Munich RE. First Multi MW PV ground-mounted projects have already been implemented in Germany and in Europe.


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