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Sungrow SG250HX
Sungrow SG250HX

Sungrow SG250HX

  • Sungrow
  • SG250HX
  • ASG01523
  • 5364
  • 4 per pallet

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Available from 07.06.2022

Sungrow SG250HX - the perfect inverter for your projects   Only certified for medium... more
Phases: 3
MPP-Tracker: 12
AC power: 250 kW
MPP voltage range: 600-1500 Volt
Warranty: 5 years
Communication: RS485 / PLC, WiFi und Ethernet optional

Sungrow SG250HX - the perfect inverter for your projects 

 Only certified for medium voltage 4110 & 4220!

SInce 1997, SUNGROW has been developing products for the PV industry and has become a leading manufacturer of inverters worldwide. To date, SUNGROW has installed inverters with a total power of 87 GW worldwide and is a leading manufacturer in Europe in the field of project inverters.

Here is the perfect inverter for your projects!

Advantages of Sungrow SG250HX

  • LED status
  • Input voltage range of 600-1500V
  • High efficiency of up to 98.8%
  • Temperature-controlled active cooling
  • DC overvoltage protection type 2
  • AC overvoltage protection type 2
  • PID-Recovery
  • Intelligent string current monitoring without fuses
  • Compatible with bifacial modules
  • Q at night - function

Product features

  • 250 kVA power, 3-phase
  • 12 MPP trackers, 860-1300 V
  • 2 Amphenol UTX inputs per MPPT
  • 1 x RS485
  • Web server through optional WiFi or Ethernet stick
  • Dimensions 1051x660x363 mm
  • IP66
  • Weight 95 kg


The perfect choice for medium and large systems as often used in commercial or agricultural applications.