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KBE Solar Cables

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KBE Solar DB+, 6mm², 500m, red
KBE Solar DB+, 6mm², 500m, red Manufacturer: KBE Type designation: H1Z2Z2-K 6,0 rt Order number: 11712

KBE Solar DB+, 10mm², 500m, red
KBE Solar DB+, 10mm², 500m, red Manufacturer: KBE Type designation: H1Z2Z2-K 10,0 sw Order number: 11710

KBE Solar DB+, 10 mm², 500m, blue
KBE Solar DB+, 10 mm², 500m, blue Manufacturer: KBE Type designation: H1Z2Z2-K 10,0 bl Order number: 11725


Berlin-based KBE Elektrotechnik is one of Germany's best-known cable manufacturers and has been producing cables for a wide range of applications since 1980. In 2005, the company launched the first KBE solar cables. Today, KBE Elektrotechnik offers solar cables with diameters of 4 mm², 6 mm² and 10 mm². Thanks to many years of experience in the market, constant innovation and excellent quality control, KBE solar cables enjoy a very good reputation in the photovoltaic industry. The high quality, reliability and innovative developments "Made in Germany" make KBE solar cables a very good choice for solar installations.

Advantages of KBE solar cables

The photovoltaic accessories from KBE Elektrotechnik offer you many advantages:

  • Fully certified quality

    KBE solar cables are fully certified to national and international standards, including triple TÜV certification. With decades of experience in cable manufacturing, KBE brings a wealth of knowledge to the table: KBE cables also meet complex norms and separate standards such as DIN ISO/TS 16949 or DIN EN 50618 VDE 0283-618:2015-11.
  • Uniform quality standards Made in Germany

    KBE solar cables are mainly produced at 2 sites in Berlin. A further production site is located in Tunisia. KBE is also responsible for the production of semi-finished products; the wires and strands for the PV cables, which for example, are manufactured by DLB, part of the same group of companies. As the manufacturer controls all the important steps in the production chain, it can reliably guarantee the high quality of its solar cables. KBE guarantees an impressive 25-year service life in accordance with EN 50618.
  • Robust processing

    KBE photovoltaic cables are highly resistant to environmental influences. The solar cables are UV-resistant and completely waterproof. This means you can install KBE solar cables underground or directly under the solar modules without any additional work - there is no need for cable ducts. This saves time and effort during PV installation. With a maximum voltage of 1,800 VDC, KBE's durable PV cables are also ideal for high-efficiency PV systems such as ground-mounted systems or solar agrivoltaics.
  • High compatibility

    KBE solar cables can be combined with connectors from all major manufacturers of photovoltaic accessories. They are also compatible with the latest standards connectors such as the Stäubli MC4 EVO 2.

KBE solar cables @ Memodo

In our online shop you will find a wide variety of photovoltaic cables from KBE Elektrotechnik. They are available in 3 diameters: 4 mm², 6 mm² and 10 mm². All cable thicknesses are designed for the same nominal voltage of 1,500 VDC and a maximum voltage of 1,800 VDC. You can order KBE photovoltaic cables in 3 different colours (red, blue and black). This makes it easier to route the strings during installation, for example, as you can wire each string of the PV system in a different colour. This makes the system well-arranged, and the maintenance becomes quicker.

All KBE solar cables available in the Memodo Shop

FAQ - Question and answers

What are the advantages of KBE Solar cables?

KBE Solar cables offer high resistance to UV radiation, ozone, water and extreme weather conditions. They are reliable and have a long service life, which makes them ideal for PV installations.

Are KBE solar cables certified?

Yes, all KBE production sites and products are certified according to the quality standards of DIN ISO/TS 16949:2002.

Which photovoltaic cables does KBE offer?

KBE offers a range of PV cables that have been specially designed for use in photovoltaic systems, including the popular KBE Solar DB+ cable.

In what colours and sizes are KBE solar cables available?

KBE Solar cables are available in red, black and blue colours. The range includes 4 mm², 6 mm² and 10 mm² PV cables. You can order cable spools in lengths between 100-500m. If you need cable spools of 1,000 metres or more, please contact your Memodo internal sales representative.

Where are KBE solar cables manufactured?

KBE Solar cables are manufactured in the company's own production facilities in Germany (Berlin) and Tunisia.

How long is the service life of KBE Solar cables?

Thanks to their robust design and the use of high-quality materials, KBE Solar cables have a long service life and provide reliable performance for years to come. KBE Elektrotechnik offers a 25-year lifetime for its photovoltaic cables.

Our energy experts update the FAQs regularly. Despite this, it can happen that the above information is outdated. That is why we cannot guarantee that the information is always up-to-date. We appreciate it, if you point out errors or outdated content. Simply email us at info@memodo.de.